Mission to Uetuwu, Interior of Central Sulawesi. 3-7 February 2014.

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For four days and three nights, Ps. Daniel Hendrata, Ps. Debby Catharina, and team were ministering in Pondok Kasih Anugrah (Anugrah’s Children Care Home) in Uetuwu, located in the interior of Central Sulawesi. We took a helicopter ride from Palu and Lemowalia to reach the destination this time.

The main purpose for this trip is to conduct a mass Holy Matrimony. A couple of our teachers at Pondok Kasih Anugrah (Fritz and Masny) were getting married, so the local authority requested Anugrah Ministries to also bless the marriage of the couples in the sub-village, so their marriages can be registered. All this while, the indigenous tribe of Wana in Uetuwu area did not have marriage certificate, and children born in the families did not have birth certificate. We are bringing a change in the region as more than 20 couples spoke their marriage vow in the special service.

We were serving the couples and also the people who came to witness the mass Holy Matrimony with lunch. After that, our medical team (consisting of two doctors and a nurse) served the community with free clinic. We flew in bringing 150 kg of medicine. They have no medical facility at all in the region, so the Wana people were very grateful for this opportunity to be able to have their health checked by the doctors. Almost 200 patients came to the free clinics and received medical assistance.

Along with the team, also came Mr. Jonah, a missionary from Canada who will stay in Uetuwu for two months to teach English to our children at Pondok Kasih Anugrah. They were so happy to meet Mr. Jonah, and so eager to learn basic conversation in English. It didn’t take long before the older children started greeting him in English, “Good morning, teacher.”

Hopefully what we are doing in Uetuwu will really bring impact for the people. Thanks to our loyal partners who make this mission possible. To God be the glory!

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