Students of Anugrah Elementary School in Uetuwu Won Porseni Competition at District and Regional Level, North Bungku, 22 February 2016 and 7 March 2016

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On Monday, 22th February 2016, for the first time, students of Anugrah Elementary School in Uetuwu joined PORSENI (Sports and Arts Competition) at District level. It took place in Baturube, Bungku Utara, Morowali, Central Sulawesi (3 hours from Uetuwu Sub Village). During the opening ceremony, we watched some traditional dances and other performances.

Team of Anugrah School consisted of five students, together with Mr. Slamet Sihombing (Principal), and two other teachers, Fritz and Hugo. Our students were competing in 100-meter dash, and new culture category. In the new culture category, we presented a dance, complete with archers and traditional clothes of Uetuwu.

While waiting for the results, we took the opportunity to take the students of Anugrah School Uetuwu to the beach. It was amazing to see the reaction of these students who have never gone out of Uetuwu sub village. This was their first time to see the beach, and to find out that the seawater was indeed salty. They were rejoicing, giving thanks to the Lord Jesus for this new experience. It was such a blessed and joyful moment.

On 28th February 2016, the committee announced the results, and our students got first place in new culture category, and third place in 100-meter dash category.

The competition continued on 7th March 2016 at Region Level. Once again, we went to compete, this time in Kolonondale, the capital city of Bungku Utara. And once again, the students of Anugrah Elementary School Uetuwu succeeded to win first place in new culture category at North Morowali Region Level. This victory created a new history for the Wana Tribe civilization (one the indigenous tribes of Indonesia, located in Central Sulawesi).

Our students were overjoyed by this victory. We made a video clip of them dedicating the trophy to first of all, the Lord Jesus, secondly to the families of Anugrah Ministries, and thirdly to their tribe, Wana. We feel so proud and honored to be able to take them this far. Thanks to all partners and sponsors who have been supporting the programs of Anugrah Ministries. Every of your support means so much, and will not come back in vain. God bless you!

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