Fieldtrip Adikku Sayang, ALC (Anugrah Learning Center) Panipahan, Riau Province, 21 February 2015

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On Saturday, 21 February 2015, at 8 am, we gathered at ALC (Anugrah Learning Center) Panipahan to take group photo, and one of the parents led us to pray before we departed. After prayer, we left to the Circle by riding on motorcylce for 15 minutes. There, our rented car was already waiting for us.

Exactly at 9 am, we departed to Linggahara Waterfall in Rantau Prapat. Usually, the trip from Panipahan to Rantau Prapat only takes three hours. However, because we had never been to the location before, we had to frequently ask direction. Praise the Lord, finally we reached the location after 4 hours of twists and turns.

It’s amazing that once we reached our destination, all our fatique was gone, looking at the beauty of the waterfall, also humongous and tall trees that made the air to be very refreshing. It was already 1.30 pm, so we decided to eat lunch first because we were all very hungry. We ate the food that we packed ourselves.

After lunch, we had a short service. Then we played some games, i.e. Tug War, Running within Rice-Sack, and Bringing Marble with a Spoon. After the games, we played in the waterfall. We all, especially the kids, had so much fun that day. Time flew by and it was already 5 pm.

I called the kids to get ready to go home, but because they really enjoyed this fieldtrip, they did not get ready immediately. It was at 6 pm that we left the Waterfall location, to Suzuya Plaza. The kids got to play at Suzuya Plaza until 8 pm, then we had dinner in one of the restaurants in Prapat.

After dinner, we went to the residence of Miss Sinta’s sister (Miss Sinta is the leader of ALC Panipahan) in Prapat Rantau to stay overnight because it was already too late. Early the next morning, at 6 am, we left for Panipahan. On the way back, we stopped by to have breakfast, then we continued our journey back to Panipahan. At 9.30 am, we reached the Circle, then we separated, and went home by riding on motorcycles.

This is the report of our activity. Thank you to sponsors who have supported this fieldtrip that brings so much joy to Adikku Sayang students in ALC Panipahan. God bless!

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