In order to eradicate poverty, first we need to educate the poor.  In order to change a nation, first we need to change their paradigm. Therefore eradicating poverty means changing a nation. There are so many smart children out there, yet they have a very limited opportunity to receive the best of life.  As a follow-up of the Church MakeOver program, we work together with those churches and make them to see their surrounding and find less fortunate families who are not satisfied with their present condition.

Adikku Sayang, a scholarship program for the less fortunate yet keen to learn children. Not only do we send them to school, give them school uniforms and supplies, but we give them breakfast (in the form of a boiled egg and a glass of milk), because we believe breakfast is a very important meal of the day. If they start the day with the right nutrition, they will certainly be able to concentrate and do well in their classes.

We provide them with tuition every other day to assist them more to become excellent, not just average. On top of that twice a year during school holidays, we will take them out for fun yet educational fieldtrips.




Do you want to be a channel of blessing to these children?

With only USD 1.75,- a day you will be able to make a difference in a child’s life

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