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 Anugrah Pressindo Foundation also known as Anugrah Ministries is a registered Non Profit Organization. It was founded by Ps. Daniel Hendrata and his wife Ps. Debby Catharina together with their parents Mr. Agustinus Hendrata and Mrs. Anita Hendrata. Its debut was marked by the 1st time airing of Good News program on 17th September 2005 at 10am.

It was then legalized with a notarial deed by Mrs. Judy K.H.Sentana, SH, M.H. Numb. 03 dated February 14, 2007 in Jakarta which was approved by Minister of Law and Human Rights of The Republic of Indonesia in his Decision Letter Numb. AHU-3769.AH.01.02.Tahun.2008 and Numb Social license :

Vision of Anugrah Ministries

To reach the world with Christ-like character

Mission Statement of Anugrah Ministries

  • To bring Good News to our Society though integrated ministry
  • To eradicate systemic poverty through education, training and empowerment.
  • To be a trusted and reliable Christian Foundation

Therefore, to achieve these aims and objectives, the Anugrah Ministries does the following activities with 3 pillars as follows:

  1. Humanitarian and Social Affairs
    • Quick Response Program, Rehabilitation and Re- Building in the national Natural Disaster
    • Adikku Sayang (My Dear brother / sister) Program: We provide scholarships and tutoring to the children where their parents can not support them
    • Provision of food aid on a regular basis to the scavengers and street people, and homeless.
    • Church Make Over Program (CMO): We rehabilitate Church Buildings damaged the church’s poor.
    • Implementation Orphanage and Half Way home for orphans and the poor
    • An many others explained in the notarial deed.
  2. Christian Evangelism and Broadcasting (Christian Spiritual Maturity):
    • Through Media TV: Good News program broadcast a Good News, Hope and Strengthening Moral to the public, especially Christians. Where we accept advertising on the commercial break that we have been preparing. On Top of this ad, the Foundation receives advertising revenue.
    • Publishing a book in order to profit Christian broadcasting re-used to maintain the activities of the Foundation.
    • Internet: ( gave positive articles that will strengthen the community as they live their daily lives.
  3. Mission & Outreach:
    • Preaching and teaching the Word of God in interdenominational churches
    • Leadership and Guard Your Family Campaign Seminars
    • Spiritual guidance in the custody of Narcotics Cipinang Prison.

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