GoodNews: Inspiring Generation Z and Alpha through a Groundbreaking Podcast on YouTube and TikTok

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GoodNews, the flagship program of Anugrah Ministries, has captured attention in spreading the Gospel through an inspiring podcast. In recent years, GoodNews has become a sensation across various media platforms, gathering a loyal following from the modern generation hungry for spiritual truth, including Generation Z and Alpha, who are actively engaged on social media.

In 2022, GoodNews achieved impressive milestones on YouTube, with a viewership growth of 88,000 per month and a total of 1.055 billion viewers in a year. However, the pinnacle of GoodNews’ success came in 2023. Within the first four months, the number of viewers skyrocketed to 1.35 million per month, accumulating a total of 5.35 million viewers. With exponential growth, GoodNews proves its unstoppable appeal amidst a generation craving inspiration and purpose, including Generation Z and Alpha, who are connected through social media.


But that’s not all; GoodNews has also become a phenomenon on TikTok. In the marvel of 2023, the program reached 3.3 million viewers per month, creating waves of excitement and massive Gospel dissemination. Within the first four months, GoodNews reached 12 million viewers on TikTok, including Generation Z and Alpha, who actively engage with the platform. This achievement showcases that social media is not only a stage for trends and entertainment but also a fertile ground for spreading spiritual truths.

However, this fight cannot be accomplished alone. To continue this noble mission, Anugrah Ministries seeks financial support from individuals and corporations who share the same vision. Each financial contribution plays a vital role in ensuring the program’s continuity, reaching more listeners, and maintaining top-quality production.

Join Anugrah Ministries in carrying out this noble task. Your financial support will be the driving force to expand the reach of GoodNews and quench the thirst of the modern generation, including Generation Z and Alpha, for the Gospel message. Let’s together create an unstoppable wave of goodness through popular and influential media platforms. Be part of this spiritual revolution by providing financial support for the spreading of the Gospel that touches hearts through GoodNews. Send us your email for more information on how to support us.

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