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Anugrah Ministries Is A Non-Profit Organization  Which Has Been Operating Since 2005 To Build A Better Indonesia

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Randy Brewer is a marketing director for a non profit organization located in LA, USA. Helps many nonprofit organizations to keep operating. Randy has helped many people through what he does. Do not smoke or use illegal drugs. But at some point in his life Randy was diagnosed by a doctor having a tracheal cancer and immediately performed an operation that made him lose his voice.

But in the quiet silence, God speaks in another way in Randy Brewer’s life. Like what the story of Randy’s faith journey, dont go anywhere stay tuned only at GoodNews Program.

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We can see that many churches have been blessed tremendously. They have beautiful buildings with great facilities.  On the other hand, many others in the slump areas are not in good condition. Their buildings are badly damaged, some even almost collapsing. From the scripture we know that our abundance is to meet the needs of other people (2 Cor 8:14). Therefore Anugrah Ministries have come up with Church MakeOver (CMO) program to bless those churches in need.

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