Guard Your Family

FamilyAre you looking for happiness and fulfilment in this life? Do you know that every individual has the right to achieve happiness? God has actually prepared a way for us to be able to reach it through our family. However our family can bring us one step closer to hell, but if we know how to guard it well, then it can also bring us a step closer to heaven.

“Family is an instrument which God uses to execute His plan, therefore the devil tries very hard to destroy it. That is why we wrote Guard Your Family book,” says Daniel Hendrata and Debby Catharina. The question remains would be how do we guard our family?


In this book, you will learn a smart way to guard your family by guarding the four areas of life:

MoneyThe Power of Money – Money often causes problems. No money will make husband and wife to be trapped in quarrel. Too much money in fact can make husband and wife to be in boiling arguments. This is so because both husband and wife do not understand the real function of money.




IntimacyThe Power of Intimacy – Many wives are trying to control their husband with intimacy. Is that a wise thing to do? What causes someone to have an affair? How to keep the flame of intimacy burning between husband and wife? How to keep the harmony between parents and children?



CommunicationThe Power of Communication – What is the function of communication in marriage? Why does communication serve as a gate in a family, what does it mean?




ForgivenessThe Power of Forgiveness – “He/she is wrong. Why do I have to forgive him/her?” “Someone like him/her doesn’t deserve to be forgiven.” What is the real function of forgiveness? Why do we have to forgive one another?




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Get the supporting materials as well, GoodNews DVD on Guard Your Family episodes. For two hours, you will be taught the smart way to Guard Your Family. In this DVD, Choky Sitohang will be the host, representing you to ask questions to the authors on relevant issues that most families would face. Receive uncomplicated and smart tips on how to Guard Your Family. Presented by Anugrah Ministries.



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