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What do you do when you are tired, physically and mentally? You need to be refreshed.

Sometimes, when we are working too hard over something, we get really tired. Or when we do the same work over and over again; it can become a boring routine.

When we feel tired or exhausted, we lose our spark. We are not as sharp as we are supposed to be. We may even be disoriented and question ourselves why we are doing the things that we are doing, even though we know very well that it is our calling.

We need to be refreshed. We must not let ourselves to be burnt out in our job, work, even ministry. What we need to do is take more time outs. People usually wait for weekends or long holidays to enjoy themselves. But we can actually enjoy ourselves everyday even in the midst of our busy schedules, if we can just take 5-minute time outs to pray or listen to music, or 15-minute time outs to take a walk around the neighborhood.

An axe that is being used over time without rest will become dull, not sharp anymore. The axe needs some rest. It needs to be sharpened and fixed. Just like what happened in 2 Kings 6:5, when the group of prophets went to cut trees, one of them lost his axe head. It fell into the river. It was most probably because the axe never got its rest, never got its chance to be sharpened and fixed. When we rest, we are actually being sharpened.

It doesn’t mean that we will take more breaks than actually doing some work. Some people literally take too many breaks and neglect their work; this is called laziness. No, we need to know the balance, not to go to one extreme or another.

When we find the balance, we will surprisingly find ourselves to be fresh at all times.

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