Disappointed and Angry

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In the movie ‘Bruce Almighty’, Jim Carey plays a role as a reporter named Bruce who always disappoints about himself. He thinks that ‘bad luck’ always give colors to his life. He doesn’t feel as lucky as other people, and this make him jealous of the people who he thinks are lucky. And he gets disappointed and angry with God. He thinks that God isn’t fair to him and is not able to take care of his life. At the peak of his despair and madness, one day God gives him a chance to be a god for a few days. Unfortunately, Bruce uses the power as a god for his own benefits. But, in the end he messes up everything. Then Bruce realizes that God is the Almighty God and whatever He does is always right. God knows what is good for human. Friend, this may only be a story in a movie, but in reality we often meet people who are disappointed and angry at God, and sometimes we become one of them.

Many people think that their lives are not fair, and they even get angry with God. Our circumstances today may make us think if God loves us, if He cares for us. We may ask why everything that happens doesn’t match with our expectations? Why are there many problems in our lives? And there are many more questions related to life that we go through. Friend, it is important to realize that life doesn’t always go as we expect it to be. Sometimes, we have to go through bitterness, unpleasant and disappointing moments. Oftentimes, we get disappointed at God. We feel God is not fair, and we often think that God should have better controlled our life.

Friend, being mad at God doesn’t change our life to become what we desired it to be; free from problems and always be lucky at all times and at wherever we are. Our anger will push us away from God because we feel that we don’t need God anymore in our lives. Our days will be full of complaints. Friend, no matter how bad our situations are, let’s not be angry at God. Let’s do our parts by living according to His truth. Stay grateful in everything that happens in our lives. Yes, it is not easy to be thankful in the middle of hardship. But put our full trust in Him that His love never fails. His love is poured out to all of us. When we experience something that doesn’t go as expected, no need to complain or become angry at Him because He is never wrong and He will never let us be defeated. Surrender and His great favor will be poured out on us. (JL)

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