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A prove that needs guts, not mere words but real action. 

CARE, a simple word that consists of a few letters. It seems very easy to be spoken, but putting it into action needs determination and sacrifice.  Caring is a decision that needs to be put into real action. Friends, caring isn’t just a word but it is an action. Care for who? Care for ourselves, our families, environment, city, country, care for our Creator and also one another. Our care is really needed.

This time, I would like to encourage all of us to care more for one another. Friends, as social creatures, human beings need one another, and of course, many people out there need us. It is actually not the right time for us to not care about our surroundings and other people. Stop being selfish people who only think about our own needs and never think about others. Sometimes, we have a defensive way of thinking. We think, “Why should we care about others? They don’t even care about us.”  Or we might say, “I don’t have the time to care for others!” Friends, we often do such things with or without us realizing it. With such kind of thinking, it makes us individuals who do not want to take the risk and the consequences of caring for others. We only think about the benefits for caring about others.

When earthquake and followed by Tsunami hit Japan, all the printed and electronic media all over the world broadcasted about it. Also, different acts of caring were done to raise funds and attention for that Sakura nation. One day, as I was watching the news on television, I saw a dog telling the volunteer who was evacuating the victims; this dog barked continuously, attracting the attention of the volunteer and eventually, the volunteer gave his attention. Then, the dog ran to a place, followed by the volunteer. In that place, the volunteer saw another dog that was trapped. The volunteer helped that trapped dog immediately. Looking at the heroic act of that dog saving his friend tickled my mind, if dogs could care for others, what about us?

The word of God teaches us to care for others. The Bible itself is a way of God showing His care for us. He wants human beings to know Him more through that wonderful revelation He has given us. Without God revealing Himself, human beings would never be able to know him. Besides, the Bible also notes that God,  the Creator of heaven and earth really cares for human beings. He became man and felt the sufferings of man, and even gave His life to redeem our sins. This is one of the examples that God uses to show His care for us, so that we might learn from Him. During His ministry, Jesus also proved Himself to be caring. He cared for everyone, the healthy and the sick, people with high positions and nobodies, from a variety of community levels. If we live to grow in His likeness, then we should also care for others.

Friends, God wants us to live as witnesses and blessings to many people in our lives. This means real actions and does not stop at the mere words that we speak. The world needs proof and not mere promises. The world needs no empty promises. The world needs to witness and feel the love and care of God through us, His children, His “churches”. God wants us, His children to open our hearts so that the world may receive God’s love. The church is the representative of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Hence, the church should bring about the ambience of heaven here on earth, through our love and care. If we don’t love and care, it means that we are not yet performing God’s mission here on earth.

One of the ways we can show our care is by giving and sharing. Yes, that is part of caring. I love this saying, “We can give without loving, but we cannot love without giving.” Thus, let’s give our attention, time, energy, mind, lives and even the material things that we have if we truly care about others. Let us share our lives and start giving. Let’s proclaim His greatness and announce His righteousness through our lives, care and actions. God bless you all.

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