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Daniel Hendrata and Debby Catharina were born and raised in Surabaya, Indonesia. They were classmates at grade 5, and became friends all through Junior and Senior High School. Though the two of them lived in different cities for some time when they were pursuing higher education (Daniel went to college in Canada, majoring in Multimedia, whereas Debby finished her Secondary School in Singapore, and went to college in the US, majoring in Interior Design), they finally met again.


Ps. Daniel Hendrata & Ps. Debby Catharina

Their early beginning: Conversion, Marriage & Children

Debby accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior first, at the age of 13. While Daniel accepted the Lord at the age of 21, after the two of them started dating. God has united them in a holy matrimony since the 7
of February 1998. A few months after they got married, they started learning to serve in the ministry through their
local church Bethany Indonesia Church in Surabaya.

God has blessed their marriage with two children. Their first child is a daughter, Angeline Catharina Hendrata, born 13th April 2000 – fifteen years old. Their second child is a son, James Richard Hendrata, born 24th April 2010 – five years old. Each of these children is unique and
has also experienced the mercies of God since their early stage of lives.

Both Daniel and Debby are ordained pastors of Gereja Kuasa Kasih Kristus Indonesia (Synod of GKKI). In March 2005, they left business world and started pursuing God’s higher calling to serve full time in the ministry. Then, Daniel and Debby moved to Jakarta and co-founded Anugrah Ministries together with Daniel’s parents.

Anugrah Ministries is a Christian non-profit foundation that specializes in spreading the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through Media such as Good News program on TV and internet; acts of Compassion such as disaster relief program, Church MakeOver, Adikku Sayang (My dear brother / sister) scholarship program, orphanages and prison visits, and preaching the Word of God together in interdenominational churches both in Indonesia and overseas. Through Anugrah Network, they adopt and provide directions for many poor churches, and send about 475 poor children to school through Adikku Sayang scholarship program.


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Ministry Orientations: Salvation, Family & Character Building

Both Daniel and Debby believe that family is very important in life, even in a society or nation. Therefore, besides preaching, they also conduct many seminars, Revival Meetings, and ministries that specifically reach out to families. Many times, through their prophetic gifting, God spoke to people through them. In all aspect of their lives, especially in ministry, they are always hand in hand, building everything together. This dynamic duo also believes in fulfilling the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ: reaching out and blessing the nations one nation at a time. Not only they are compassionate speakers, but this sweet couple are the authors of two books: GoodNews For You and Guard Your Family.



From Indonesia they have reached Malaysia, Singapore, HongKong, China, Vietnam, Australia and United States of America.  European countries and the rest of the world will be their next destinations. As more door will be oponed, there will be more opportunity for them to to sharing the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ, especially about how the Spirit of the Lord has moved and revived the churches of Indonesia. Will you be willing to be an open door for them in order extend the Kingdom of God to your region?  If YES, let’s partner with them.

For Ps. Daniel & Ps. Debby’s Schedule, pls send us an email to [email protected]. Thank you and God bless you!

Your Faithfulnes
CD Your Faithfulnes


I Am Number Two
I Am Number Two Book




Guard Your Family
Guard Your Family Book


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