Since the Indonesian government revoked the pandemic emergency status, all aspects of life have been striving to bounce back. This also applies to Social and Mission Fields works.

Therefore, we have had the opportunity to achieve and carry out various interesting activities this quarter. Some of our accomplishments include: reaching 100K subscribers on YouTube for Anugrah Ministries, adding two new students to our “Adikku Sayang” student program, inaugurating two CMO Churches in the Aceh Province, and conducting various other missionary services and gospel preaching.

Let’s join hands in carrying out the Great Commission of Lord Jesus Christ. The fields are already ripe and ready for harvest.

Thank you for the support and generosity that you have given through Anugrah Ministries. Jesus blesses each sowing that you entrust through Anugrah Ministries. May the name of God be glorified.

Daniel & Debby

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