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Church MakeOver Program (CMO):

We rehabilitate run-down church buildings belonging to poor congregation. When a church building is properly established, then breakthrough happens. Not only do we bless the pastor, his ministry, and congregation, but also the city and region where they are in.

We have been doing this CMO program since 2008. Our mission is to build the house of God almost in ruin. Until the end of 2019, we have reached our 80th project. Support us, so by the end of 2020, we will accomplish our 100th project. Your partnership and support is a blessing for the Body of Christ.

2020 The Year of the Lord’s Favor.

Pre-requisite of Church MakeOver:

If you want your church to be madeover, the requirements are:

  1. The land belongs to the church or the pastor. If the land is a grant, then you must possess the land certificate. Prioritized for churches that already have building license.
  2. The pastor has a letter of appointment from his/her synod, and the number of congregation attending Sunday service is minimum 30 pax (prioritized for those above 40 pax)
  3. Photos of current condition of the church building. Also written detailed proposal.
  4. List of evangelism programs of the church (accompanied by photos and documentations)
  5. Written explanation on an A4 paper, why your church needs to be madeover

Proposal must be send through email: [email protected], or post to: PO Box 2089, Jakarta Pusat 10020.

The Church that we has Makeover>>

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