Inspiring Graduates from Ukrida: Ruth Aprila and Yulius Susanto

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Ruth Aprila, a student from a humble background, has graduated from Ukrida University with remarkable achievement. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Management with a remarkable GPA of 3.88, earning the cum laude distinction. Similarly, Yulius Susanto, another dedicated student, graduated with a GPA of 3.7 in the same field.

These two individuals serve as living proof that students from economically disadvantaged families deserve equal opportunities to succeed academically. Their accomplishments showcase the determination and resilience they exhibited throughout their educational journey.

The success of Ruth and Yulius can be attributed in part to the support and guidance provided by Anugrah Ministries. Anugrah Ministries runs the “Mahasiswa Adikku Sayang” (MAS) program, which offers scholarships to talented students. Through this program, Anugrah Ministries has successfully helped eight students graduate from various disciplines.

Anugrah Ministries not only focuses on providing financial support but also emphasizes spiritual growth. The spiritual development of these students takes place within the Anugrah Church @Storehouse (ACS). This holistic approach aims to cultivate well-rounded individuals who possess strong moral values and integrity.

We invite you to become part of this transformative initiative by contributing financially to the MAS program. Your support will provide opportunities for other talented students from underprivileged backgrounds to pursue quality education.

The MAS program by Anugrah Ministries is a tangible way to make a difference in the lives of Indonesian students. Every donation you make will have a significant impact, creating a brighter future for these young individuals and inspiring generations to come.

Let us join hand in hand to support Anugrah Ministries and the MAS program. Together, we can provide hope, expand opportunities, and empower young students to unleash their full potential. Your support will make a real difference in their lives. Join us in donating today and together, let us bring about positive change in Indonesian education.

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