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A child was asking his father for his favorite cold drink. At that time, this father was on the phone with one of his business partners, and gave a signal for his child to wait. He waited patiently for his father to complete the telephone conversation. After the call, the attention of the father was turned to his son. They went to the drink store and after getting what he wanted, the child was very happy.

If even earthly fathers love their sons, how about our Heavenly Father? He loves us dearly. Never at once He disappoints us. However, whether we realize it or not, we are oftentimes disappointed in Him. Why? It is all because we are oftentimes not patient enough in waiting for God’s time. We should respond in the way the child in the story above responded. Patience, obedience and a humble heart is the key in waiting for God’s answers for each of our struggles and problems, and in the moments we are waiting on God’s promises to be fulfilled in our lives. All of these things are not easy, however, we should trust that all our patience would bear beautiful fruits.

Friends, waiting is indeed not a very nice thing to do. Especially when it comes to waiting for something not definite. However, trust that we have a God who never forgets His promises and who will always do things His way and in His time, not in our time. Are we in a struggle today? Or are we waiting on His promises? Keep on praying. Surrender all into His hands. Give thanks to Him and trust Him always, more than anyone else. His unconditional love is always provided for us who wait on Him and surrender our lives entirely into His hands, the owner of life. Live your days, wait on His promises, remain in patience, hope and trust in Him for our future. (JL/DS)

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