Bitter or Sweet: It is our choice

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God created our tongue, so we can taste something. Each part has its different function. The tip of the tongue is to taste something sweet, the back of the tongue – bitter. For sure you have taken a very bitter medicine before, haven’t you? If we only put the medicine on the tip of our tongue, we won’t taste the bitterness. But, the moment that medicine reaches the back of our tongue, we will certainly taste how bitter it is.

Likewise with our heart, someone’s words or deeds that hurt us will feel bitter if we put it in the depth of our heart. When someone does or says something unpleasant or disappointing to us, it us up to us whether we choose to think about it, put and keep it in our heart. Or we decide not to be too engrossed in our feeling. If we keep it too long in our heart, it will make us angrier; our face will turn red, our heart will not feel right, and there will be no more smile on our face. It will even be worse, if we lose our joy and start hating or become revengeful towards the person who has hurt us.

When things get this bad, it will be hard for us to forgive. Annoyed, angry, disappointed, are actually human’s natural feeling. Yet, it becomes unnatural if we become revengeful, unwilling to forgive or forget other’s trespasses against us. Brothers and sisters, keeping records of other’s trespasses and bitterness in our heart disables us from growing in God and reaching our victory in life. Therefore, once again it is a choice, decision that we have to make whether we want to be hurt or healed from the wounds in our heart.

If we are not willing to get out from bitterness and disappointment, then the bitterness will stay quite long, even very long. The word of God tells us that each one of us should think of and speak what is right, noble, just, holy, sweet, and pleasant to hear. These are called goodness and worthy of praise. Brothers and sisters, our part is to do it. Indeed when we decide to do it, it is not going to be easy. However, God promised us that His peace which surpasses all understanding will preserve our heart and mind in His name.

Today, if we are experiencing bitter things in our lives, would we want to change it to be something sweet? Let’s make a decision and start putting it in action, according to His Word. Though not easy, the great and almighty God will make everything beautiful in His time.


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