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There are so many wills of God in our lives that we do not understand. He hides many things from us that we cannot understand. Sometimes, we wonder – what is it that God wants from us, through our lives? Sometimes, we wonder, what exactly is His will in our lives? How will our future be? and many more. There might be so many questions in our minds, including when will He answer our prayer?

Beloved, maybe all these while everything seems to be closed and it seems like nobody understands His will. It is His secret that we would never comprehend. The moment we do not understand His purpose and destination in our lives, we start to use our own strengths, thoughts and ways that are good in our points of view. We try our very best and put in all the effort we could to reach whatever we dream of, our hopes and our wishes. However, the harder we try, the more impossible it seems for us to receive the answer to the above questions. The moment we don’t understand His will in our lives, the moment we do not know what is going on, the answer is to be still. Yes, the word of God says that in staying still and trusting the Lord we will find our strength.

Be still and pray, surrender everything unto His hands. Let us stick to him and abide in Him more. For the more we abide in Him, we will receive His Holy Spirit that will guide us to understand God’s will in our lives. Keep on trusting that He works in all things and in all aspects of our lives. He is at work the moment we allow Him to take over our entire lives. He will do many miraculous and extraordinary things the moment we give Him space in our lives. Beloved, if we want to live according to His will as written in His Word that we often hear or read, that very will of His would be very beautiful for each of us. In His hands, our futures are bright and full of hope. (JL/DS)

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