Decision in Despair

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Problems – who don’t have problems in life? Everybody of all ages, social status and education level has problems. Various problems happen in the journey of life, whether it is a problem about family, education, employment, ministry, and even about the future. Facing a problem will sometimes make people to be in despair because it looks like the problem will never go away or it feels like it’s becoming bigger. People tend to give up, get disappointed toward God, and eventually some people decide to end their lives.

Friends, human lives will never be out of problems, but let us just believe in Him. He is God who will never stay still and is always with us in going through our lives. Yes, God will always stay the same, and He will never leave us.

Friends, when a problem comes into our lives, one thing we should remember is the attitude of our hearts. Do we become desperate, regretful, and pitiful towards ourselves, trying to give up, become disappointed, complain, and leave God? Or instead, we depend on God more, give thanks, call and surrender to Him, and believe that He is God who cares about the lives of His children.

When a problem comes, we should get closer and more intimate with the great and amazing I AM in our life. However, as human we often times go farther from Him. We feel like it is impossible to pray, surrender, or even give thanks, since we have tried them all but see no results. This is why we usually become desperate and losing direction.

When we get lost, in despair, let us make great and right decisions according to His word. Make a decision to stay in God, because His word says that in peace lies our strength. And when we admit our weaknesses, the power of God will become more perfect in our lives. Friends, at this moment, when we ‘feel’ like we are at the deepest valley of our lives, let us keep trusting Him. The God above all gods will give us strength. Even though we have to go through a long and hard journey that is full with problems, in His way and timing, He will make everything beautiful.

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