Let Go!

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A little girl was very happy as her father gave her an imitation necklace. The beautiful color made her love the necklace. She always wore it wherever she went. She was very proud when she showed the necklace off to her friends. One day, her father asked her “Honey, do you love daddy?” With her sparkling eyes the girl answered “Of course daddy, I love you” Then, the father said “If you love me, do you mind giving the necklace to me?” Hearing this, the girl was shocked and confused, and she said “No daddy, I really love this necklace, it is impossible for you to have it, besides you already gave it to me”

Then the father asked her, “Honey, I ask you one more time. Do you love me?” And the girl said “Yes, of course I love you so much. You are the best” The father asked her,”Can you give the necklace to me?” Once again, the girl refused. And her father asked her again the same question, and she replied with the same answer. And this continued for several times until in the end the girl gave up. With tears in her eyes, she said “Daddy, I really love this necklace. But since I love you so much, I will give it to you even I don’t know why you want it back” She took the necklace off and gave it to her daddy. 
After the father accepted the necklace, he said “Thank you honey, because you love me and you are willing to give your favourite thing. Now close your eyes.” When the girl closed her eyes, the father took out a very beautiful necklace; it was even more beautiful than the imitation necklace. This necklace was not an imitation and it was very valuable. The girl then opened her eyes and when she saw the necklace her eyes were sparkling and she looked very happy. Since she gave up what she liked, she got something more beautiful in return.

Friend, probably we have been struggling in life. An extraordinary process is taking part in our life when we are asked to let go of something that for us is precious, the best, and we have to give it to God. It can be our future, career, family, study, ministry, or any aspect of our life. We have no idea what God wants from our life. We may be thinking why should we let it go and give it to Him?

Thousands of questions about why this is happening and why that is happening may linger in our hearts. It’s hard to let go of something that ia beautiful and precious to us. Yes, letting go of something beautiful is not easy. But, it is like the father who asked his daughter whether or not she loved him. If we really Him, then we will let it go. It’s not just a love word from our hearts. If we love Him, we are willing to learn in obedience. Believe that He has already prepared and will give the best compared to those things that we think are the best. Are willing to let it go if He asked for it? Are we willing to trust Him? He knows and have the best for His children.

Friend, when we hold tightly on the thing that we think is the best, it will make it hard for Him to give the best. Let it go and let Him replace it. Let us learn to understand His will, and follow His will, not our own desires. (JL)

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