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As human beings we need to eat and ideally we eat 3 times a day. Eating is not only about making our stomach to be full, but also to make our body healthy, strong, and growing as the nutrition from what we eat is distributed in our body. In fact, regardless the food is healthy or not, we still eat it anyway. Delicious is one excuse we eat it. And some says that we it only once in a while, so it is fine. We have to keep in mind that there is a lot of food that appears to be delicious but in fact they don’t bring benefit to our bodies. Therefore, we have to be selective in choosing what we eat. Whether we realize it or not, there is certain food that seems to be delicious today but can bring problems the next day.

Friend, like the food for our physical bodies, spiritual food is also important for our spirit. Consuming healthy food will make our bodies receive good nutrition and make our spiritual beings become healthy and strong. Moreover, it will make us resist to illness and grow stronger in God. Yes, it is very important to remember that we should pay attention to what we eat. Therefore, we also need to be careful with the food we eat because not all food is good for our spiritual health. We have to be smart in deciding our consumption. Are we used to listen and say positive or negative words? Do we like gossip more than words of blessings? Do we often listen to complaints or gratitudes? In addition, is what we see useful? Is it healthy or not? Does it bring blessings or weaken our faith? We have to be aware of all of these things before we enjoy them as they can affect today and our future.

Friend, what we think to be delicious and pleasant doesn’t mean it is useful and brings blessings to our lives. Please check the menu of our spiritual food today. Is it constructive or not? Whether what we hear and see is something beneficial and blessing us, or whether it poisons our spiritual beings that not only blocks our growth but also makes us sick spiritually. If we are not healthy spiritually, it can be contagious and our lives will not become blessings for others. The choice and decision are in our own hands. Ask God for us to become more sensitive in understanding which one is beneficial and which one is not. (JL/ST)

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