I Learn from Life

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I learn from life

I learn to comprehend all things,

to get to understand many things of life.

To see closer, listen more clearly, to feel with all my heart.


I learn from failures.

I learn to give it the same amount of room

Exactly the same amount as when I succeed in life.

For without failures, success is a rare thing.

Failures make us realize, we are nobody without Him.

Failures make us learn valuable lessons.


I learn from mistakes.

For without mistakes, I would never understand the meaning of apology and improvement.

I would never know how to forgive and how to sympathize.

Mistakes make me understand that nobody is perfect.

Nevertheless, mistakes should teach us to admit and correct it.


I learn from sufferings

For that is where I learn the meaning of process.

Sufferings teach us to be mature in facing all things.

Sufferings teach us to surrender our rights, ego and self-righteousness.

Sufferings make us learn how to be able to go through, enjoy, be grateful for and surrender all things to The Owner of life Himself.

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