Field Trip ALC Padang, 31 January 2015

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31st January 2015, in the morning we gathered 25 students, recepients of Adikku Sayang scholarship program from the 4 Anugrah Learning Centers in Padang, at GKII Padang Center. Together with center leaders and teachers, today we took them to visit Sawahlunto (3 hours from Padang by bus). Throughout the journey, the children were very active and thrilled, though we had to go through some traffic jams, and the road sometime was mountaineering.

By noon, we reached the Gudang Ransoem Museum, which in the past the Dutch used as ransom warehouse or public kitchen. They used to cook approximately 6,000 portions of food everyday by using 20 kettles and woks for the coal mine workers and patients of the hospital. The system for cooking applied at that time is different than today. They were using steam system. We all got new knowledge on cooking with steam system today.

In this museum, we also saw different cooking utensils used during that time, like lasuang (crusher which is moved by the feet), grinder, rice shifter, rice-cooking pot, fan, examples of ingredients, supervisor and cook uniforms. We also read some writings on historical explanation, and saw pictures of the public kitchen’s activities. Besides public kitchen, this museum is also complimented with Knowledge and Technology center – a place that has cool equipments to describe scientific theory, such as 1,000 reflections produced by 2 flat mirrors positioned parallel to each other, optic illusion, string principle, how lightning is produced, the way musical instrument works, the making of cartoon movie, how rainbow is made, etc.

At 4 pm, we continued our journey to Kandi Park. We visited the zoo there, and learned about animals, such as siamang (Symphalangus Syndactylus), orangutan, ungko (Hylobate Agilis), tapirus, deer, hedgehog, python snake, different kinds of poultry, elephant, cow farm, etc. Having gone around the zoo, we let the children play some games. Then continued by doctor Philip Sembiring, the District Leader of Padang gave motivation to the children regarding Attitude, that differenciates human beings from the animals that we had just seen in the zoo. The children made commitment to be better in the next semester

Everyone feels blessed by this field trip. Thank you to our Adikku Sayang sponsors who have been so faithfully supporting us, so that this program can be carried out maximally. God bless!

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