Adikku Sayang Fieldtrip to Taman Safari, 16 December 2014

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With laughter in the air, joy in their hearts, and smiles on all their faces, every child in Adikku Sayang surely had an unforgettable time at Taman Safari in Puncak. 16 December 2014 was surely a day to remember, as we fully loaded up 3 buses with Adikku Sayang’s 123 students from 8 different centers (6 in Bekasi and 2 in Jakarta). Christabelle Marbun, our Adikku Sayang Ambassador was also there among us.

As you already know, Anugrah Ministries has the heart to care for underprivileged children so that they too may have the enjoyment of a better life. While education is our long-term goal, we also believe that taking them out for fieldtrip during holiday can really broaden up their horizon. Furthermore, it was Christmas time! We are so grateful for the support of all the sponsors of Adikku Sayang because Anugrah Ministries was able to not only take every child to Taman Safari, but Anugrah Ministries was also able to make sure that each underprivileged child receive their very own Christmas gift. Your financial support has brought so many smiles and so much appreciation from the children of Adikku Sayang. Your loving-generosity really made a difference.

While enjoying all the exciting events Taman Safari has to offer, the children were able to see all kinds of animals – from lions to deer, crocodiles to elephants, tigers to seals – you name it, they saw it. Surely, this was an exciting time for them as they also enjoyed all kinds of game and fun-filled ride.

We made a simple Christmas celebration while taking a shelter from the rain. We sang cute songs whereby the children can bond with one another. Ps. Daniel Hendrata delivered a Christmas message about the Birth of Jesus, and encouraged all of them to do well in school. After that we made sure that every child had full stomach that day. Much excitement was on the faces of the children as we distributed Mc Donald’s hot meals and Teh Sosro drink into all of their hands.

So was this a good day for everyone? No, it was a great day! This event was made possible with the support of our Adikku Sayang sponsors, Rekso and Sosro group for lunch, and Taman Safari Indonesia for the special price given. Thank you so much, you are so blessed.

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