15-hour Walking to Bring Good News to Uetuwu, 17 August 2014

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Sometimes, in order for Good News to be preached to the people, some sacrifices need to be made. On the 17th of August 2014, Anugrah team were on mission to reach Uetuwu, in the interior of Central Sulawesi. Those were, Slamet Sihombing & Rasmi Juliarti Situmorang, aka Amy (TK & SD Anugrah Headmaster), and Jonah Martin (a missionary from Canada who teaches English to our students). They started walking from Lemo at 1pm. They were scheduled to get motorcycle rides, but somehow the motorcycle drivers cancelled on them, so they decided to walk.

The weather was not cooperative that day. It started out scorching hot, but then the clouds came and poured down some rain. Our team was not really ready for the rain. Their backpacks and clothes were all wet. Jonah even tried to cover his head with a large leaf in place of an umbrella. Since the weather was sometimes hot and sometimes wet, Amy fell sick (she got fever). They were praying for her healing, and asked God for extra strength. Miracle took place, she was almost instantly healed, and they could continue their extensive journey going through many villages, climbing up mountains, and through the woods.

The rivers that they had to pass through were overflowing with strong currents. The trail became very muddy, and sometimes made them slipped. One time, Slamet fell into the mud, one meter deep. He thought he must have injured his ankle. He just stayed still for about seven minutes, praying to God and asking for another miracle. When the others pulled him out of the mud, his feet were all right. Praise the Lord! Hours of walking, and night came. It started to be very dark. Thank God some of our team brought flashlights. 8 hours of walking, and they arrived at a small village, hungry and dirty. The local villagers cooked for them some instant noodles. Food had never tasted so good before.

Jehovah Jireh, God provided for them a school in that neighborhood. One of the classroom doors was not locked. So our team decided to stay overnight in that classroom, not even having the strength to take shower, they just rested in their muddy clothes. Early the next morning, they had to leave in a hurry because the classroom needed to be used. They continued walking. The closer they got to Uetuwu, the steeper the mountains became. And finally, after a total of 15 hour exhaustive walking, our team reached Pondok Kasih Anugrah in Uetuwu safe and sound. They were all rejoicing to see the Wana children welcoming them, and praising the Lord. Glad to be back to preach the Good News to the indigenous tribe of Wana. Glory to God!

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