Church Make Over 58: GPdI Patmos Apoho Apoho Village, Enggano Island, North Bengkulu Province

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The Start of CMO 58:

Before ascending to heaven, Jesus commanded His disciples to preach the Gospel until the ends of the earth (we know it as the Great Commandment). This time, Anugrah Ministries through Church MakeOver program got the opportunity from God to visit Enggano island. A small island located not yet at the end of the earth, but the most outer west of Indonesia.

To reach Enggano island, Anugrah team had to ride on a ferry for 12 hours from Bengkulu. We were going to start the 58th CMO project in that island. The appointed church is GPdI Patmos Apoho, led by Ps. Walden Tanuma together with his wife and their two children. They had been praying and fasting for a decent church building. For 10 years they were worshipping at the pastoral home.

12th January 2019 marked the day that they received the grace of God. On that day we signed MOU with them as a sign that CMO 58th project had started.

We will build a brand-new church building with these details:
1. Laying the Foundation
2. Erecting the Pillars
3. Building the Walls
4. Installing Roof and Ceiling
5. Installing Ceramic tiles as flooring
6. Building 3 public Bathroom
7. Installing Water Piping
8. Installing Electricity

God’s plan over His church is really beautiful. The support you give becomes the extension of God’s hands to bless the Body of Christ and to spread the Gospel. Thank you and God bless!

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