Church Make Over 59 – GPPIK Terang Hidup Bayang Sub-Village, Landak, West Kalimantan

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The Start of CMO 59:

GPPIK Terang Hidup is located at Bayang Sub-Village, Gombang Village, Sengah Temila District, Landak Region, West Kalimantan Province. Led under the leadership of Ps. Yohanes Haditomo S.Th and his wife Ps. Ratna S.Th. Together with their three children, they have been faithfully serving the Lord. They really hope to be able to renovate their church building. However, they have been unable to do so because of their low economic condition.

Praise the Lord Jesus who allowed Anugrah Ministries to meet GPPIK. God gave His grace to them so that on 9th January 2019, Anugrah Ministries signed MOU with them and appointed GPPIK Terang Hidup as Church MakeOver 59th project. The congregation was very enthusiastic about this, and on 15th January 2019 we held a short service to commemorate the day that we started the project of CMO 59.

These are the things that we will do in CMO 59:

  1. Build the Foundation, install concrete Pillars and Beams
  2. Build the Walls with bricks
  3. Install light steel Roofing on the Ceiling
  4. Install concrete and ceramic tiles on the Floor
  5. Install electricity
  6. Paint the whole church building

Thank you for the support of Anugrah Ministries’ partners, that enables us to keep carrying out the CMO program until today. Let’s keep praying and believing that through this project, the Kingdom of God will be expanded on this earth. God bless you!

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