CMO 24: GPdI El Gibbor, Sinar Abadi Sub Village, West Kalimantan

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The Start of CMO 24: GPdI El Gibbor, Sinar Abadi Sub Village, West Kalimantan, 24 November 2014

In God’s timing, on Monday, 24th of November 2014, we started our 24th Church MakeOver (CMO) project. GPdI El Gibbor, which is located in Sinar Abadi SP. 6 Pandan Sub Village, Prembang Village, Sungai Tebelian Sub District, Sintang District, West Kalimantan Province was chosen. This church was established in the era of 1980s and ever since has experienced changes of pastor for a few times. In 2010, Ps. Yusuf Manete was assigned to pastor this church. Together with his wife, Ps. Tio Renna Sihotang, and their children, Jisrael Yahya Manete (1 year old), Ps. Yusuf has been faithfully serving the Lord in the sub village that is quite remote. There are about 70 members in his congregation (adults, youth, children). 90% of the church members are mostly farmers and have low income. Limited funds did not allow them to properly renovate their church building.

The Opening Ceremony of CMO 24 was attended by all the congregation, also neighbors. Representative from the local government was also present, the Village Secretary. The Opening Ceremony started with a service, led by Alders Daniel Panebaren (Field Coordinator of Anugrah Ministries). After the service, we symbolically started CMO #24 by installing bricks to the wall, which was originally made of cement padded to wires. In CMO 24, we will makeover the 6x12m church building, and finish the 4x10m pastoral home.

Here are the things that we will do in CMO 24:

  1. Church Building:
    • Installing bricks to the surrounding walls of the church (to replace temporary walls made of cement padded to wires)
    • Installing tiles as flooring
    • Replacing the ceiling (many parts were leaking, so the old ceiling was rotten)
    • Making a terrace
    • Repainting the whole church building
  1. Pastoral Home:
    • Finishing the plaster of the surrouding walls
    • Installing tiles as flooring
    • Installing ceiling
    • Repainting the while pastoral home
    • Installing windows

Thank you to the partners of Anugrah Ministries who have enabled us to do this project. By the grace of God, we hope this project will be accomplished on time and the results will be as expected. May the name of the Lord be glorified. Amen.

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The Inauguration of Church MakeOver (CMO) 24: GPdI El-Gibbor, Sinar Abadi Sub Village, West Kalimantan, 5 May 2015

With God’s provision, Church MakeOver 24th project have been going on for approximately four months. On Tuesday, 5 May 2015, Anugrah Ministries inaugurated the church building of GPdI El-Gibbor, Sinar Abadi Sub Village, Prembang Village, Sei Tebelian District, Sintang Region, West Kalimantan province.

The Inauguration Ceremony took place at 5 pm. We started with praise and worship. Congregation was enthusiastic to praise and worship God. In the middle of our service, the electricity failed. Yet, it did not discourage the congregation and attendees in praising God. We continued with plaque signing by Ps. Daniel Hendrata (Chairman of Anugrah Pressindo Foundation) and Ps. Yusuf Manete (Pastor of GPdI El-Gibbor), witnessed by all the congregation and attendees.

Though there was electricity failure, and only using the video camera light, Ps. Daniel Hendrata was still enthusiastic in delivering the Word of God about “Faith.” Only towards the end of the service, did the power go back up, but no one was affected by the circumstances. They listened to the Word of God enthusiastically and paid very good attention. A few times we can see the pastor of the church and his wife were in tears, touched to see how God has helped them and their congregation miraculously. Humanly speaking, it is impossible for them to see their church building completely built and in a good condition, but that day they saw the impossible becoming reality before their very eyes. How great God’s grace is for them.

In CMO 24, not only did we makeover their church building, but we also madeover their pastoral home. Now, both the church building and the pastoral home are in decent condition for service and for living. These are the things that we did in this CMO 24th project”

On the 6×12 m Church Building:

  1. Installing concrete foundation and bricked surrounding walls
  2. Adding 2x3m tiled church terrace
  3. Fixing the ceiling, outdoor and indoor
  4. Tiling the floor and stage with 40x40cm ceramic tiles
  5. Installing doors and windows of the church
  6. Painting the whole church

On the 2-bedroom, 6x10m Pastoral Home:

  1. Plastering the surrounding walls
  2. Installing 40x40cm ceramic tiles on the floor
  3. Installing 20x20cm ceramic tiles in the bathroom
  4. Fixing the ceiling, outdoor and indoor
  5. Painting the whole pastoral home

Thank you to the partners of Anugrah Ministries who have supported this 24th CMO project. Whatever that has been sown will bring great harvest in the Kingdom of God. Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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