Church MakeOver (CMO) 29: GPdI Jemaat Imamat Rajani, Aek Horsik, North Sumatra

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The Start of Church MakeOver (CMO) 29: GPdI Jemaat Imamat Rajani, Aek Horsik, North Sumatra, 26 March 2015

Praise the Lord, until today God keeps on working through the programs of Anugrah Ministries. One of those programs will be Church MakeOver (CMO) program. On the 26th of March 2015, Anugrah Ministries appointed GPdI Imamat Rajani Church, in Aek Horsik, North Sumatra as her 29th CMO project.

Faithfully waiting for God, having been struggling for years, hoping to have a more decent worship place, both the pastor and congregation of the church kept on praying, until God answered their prayer.

GPdI Imamat Rajani Church is located in Aek Horsik Village, Badiri District, Central Tapanuli Region, North Sumatra. Pastored by Ps. Hasan Gea, together with his wife, Adolfina Ariesanti Silaban, and their three children. They started with only two families as they pioneered the church in 2005. The number of congregation now is 86 souls (46 adults, 10 teens, 30 children). They started building their church building since 2008, but due to low income of the congregation (most of them are working as farmers and fishermen), the condition of the building is not decent.

The Opening Ceremony of CMO 29 started with a short service. The Aek Horsik Village Secretary, the Sub-village Chief, and the Region Treasurer of GPdI Synode in Central Tapanuli were also present. Continued with welcoming speech from the representative of the local government and church organization, and the signing of the Memo of Understanding (MOU).

These are the things that we will do in CMO 29 project:

  • Building the foundation of the church, measuring 7x12m
  • Installing tiles as the flooring
  • Adding a 2x2m front porch to the church building
  • Presenting 2 units of public bathroom (shower, wash clothes, toilet) for the community
  • Fixing the pastoral home
  • If the funds allowed, we will also fix the bridge

May God’s name be glorified through this project of CMO 29. Thanks for the support of our partners. Your support have enabled us to carry out this project and make real difference in the lives of His people. God bless!

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Inauguration of CMO 29: GPdI Imamat Rajani, Aek Horsik, North Sumatra, 28 July 2016

Aek Horsik is a small village at Pandan District, Central Tapanuli Region, North Sumatra. GPdI Imamat Rajani church is located in this small village. Pastor Hasan Gea, together with his wife and three children dedicated their lives to serve the congregation in this church. They managed to build a church building, but the condition is not decent. They had been praying for years, and finally God answered them by sending Anugrah Ministries. Anugrah appointed GPdI Imamat Rajani as her 29th Church MakeOver (CMO) program. Having gone through quite a long process, by the grace of God, CMO 29 had been completely renovated, and it can now be inaugurated.

Thursday, 28 July 2016, the activity in Aek Horsik village was a bit different than usual, particularly around the perimeter of GPdI Imamat Rajani church. Servants of God and congregation from around the neighborhood had gathered together; they were enthusiastic to be a witness of the Inauguration of CMO 29. They had gathered since 3 pm, and exactly at 4 pm, Anugrah team arrived. Ps. Hasan Gea and his wife put flowers around Ps. Daniel Hendrata’s neck as a welcoming gesture. Then Ps. Daniel Hendrata cut the ribbon and opened the door of the church for the first time. Everyone stepped inside the neat looking sanctuary. After opening prayer, we listened to some welcoming speech. One of them was by Head of GPdI Pandan District. After that, we sang praise and worship songs joyfully to God.

All who attended this service felt so grateful to God, having witnessed what God had done to the church. Then it was time for Ps. Hasan Gea (local pastor of GPdI Aek Horsik) and Ps. Daniel Hendrata (Chairman of Anugrah Pressindo Foundation) to sign the stone plaque. This signified that CMO 29 had been completed, and Anugrah Ministries was handing over the made-over church building to the congregation. Ps. Daniel Hendrata then continued to deliver the word of God, about Salt and Light of the World, taken from Matthew 5:13-16. We all felt very peaceful throughout the service.

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The makeover that Anugrah had done to the church building includes putting concrete foundation, replacing the rotten wooden wall with new woods, installing ceramic tiles on the floor, changing all the doors and windows, also building a terrace. Besides that, we also presented 2 units of public bathroom (where people can shower, wash clothes, and go to toilet) for the community surrounding the church, so they will not have to go to the swamp or river anymore to do those activities. We also helped them to install water service, so they could have clean water. Normally they would go to take water from the water spring, but during rainy season the water would be muddy, and during summer often times there would be draught, no water would be flowing.

Thanks to God who still trusts Anugrah Ministries until today to become the extension of His hands. Thanks to partners of Anugrah who continually give support, so Church MakeOver programs can be well carried out all this time. Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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