The Start of Church MakeOver 32: GKPB MDC Naioni, Kupang, NTT, 19 October 2015

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This time, our Church MakeOver (CMO) 32nd project is for God’s people in East Nusa Tenggara. From Jakarta, CMO Team flew over to Kupang, transiting in Surabaya. Anugrah Ministries have chosen GKPB MDC Naioni, which is located 45 minutes from Kupang, to be madeover. On Sunday, 18th October 2015, after service, Anugrah Ministries’ CMO Team gave explanation to the pastor, Ps. Yeftiana Dimu Heo, and congregation regarding the makeover process that we would be doing to their church building. Enthusiastically they were listening to the good news, which is the answer to their prayers since they established the permanent church building in 2009.


Monday, 19 October 2015

This was the day that had been long awaited. The Ceremony of starting CMO 32nd project took place at 10 am. The Ceremony went well and full of joy. It was such an honor for all of us to have the Head of Village, Mr. A. Mohar to represent the local government. In his welcoming speech, he expressed his gratitude to Anugrah Foundation for caring for churches in Indonesia, especially in Naioni, Kupang. Remembering almost 95% of the congregation’s economy is below average; most of them work as farmers, it is impossible humanly speaking for them to complete their church building. To GKPB MDC Naioni congregation, he stated his hope that they will also makeover their individual faith spiritual life to balance the beauty of their church building when the makeover is done.

After the speech, we symbolically started this CMO 32nd project by plastering the wall of the church building. Every congregation of GKPB MDC Naioni (which was only 3 families at the pioneering stage of the church in 1994, but now their number has grown to 107 souls, not including children), without exception was joyful that day.

These are the things that we will do in this CMO 32nd project:

  1. Installing Ceiling
  2. Plastering the surrounding walls of the church building
  3. Installing ceramic tiles on the Floor
  4. Installing Electricity
  5. Finishing up the porch
  6. Building 2 units of public bathroom (bath, wash clothes, and toilet) for the community
  7. Building Pastoral Home or Church Secretarial Office, measuring 5×8 m
  8. If possible, providing clean water supply for the congregation and the community


Thanks to partners of Anugrah Ministries who have supported us to start this CMO 32nd project. We hope this project will bless the congregation there, but also will display unity among the Body of Christ, that we as parts of the Body of Christ love and care for each other. Whereby the stronger part of the Body helps the weaker part. In this manner, the world will see that there is love among us, and glorify our Father in Heaven. God be with us all! Amen!

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