The Start of CMO 45 : GPdI Agape Jemenang, South Sumatera

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Our trip this time for the Church MakeOver (CMO) program is to Jemenang area, at Muara Enim Region. Located about 4 hours from Palembang, in South Sumatra Province.

GPdI Agape Jemenang was appointed to be our 45th CMO project. This church is under the leadership of Ps. Jakson Tanuma with his wife.

The main thing we are going to do in making over this church is to increase the steepness of the roof. When they built their church building years ago, due to inadequate funding, they made the roof incline gradual. This frequently caused leaking to the roof. As a result, the ceiling was terribly ruined. Termites also destroyed the wood window frames and doors of the church.

These are the things we will do in the CMO 45th project:

On the Church Building:

  • Increasing the incline of the roof
  • Replacing the ceiling
  • Replacing the ceramic tiles on the floor
  • Replacing the windows and doors
  • Installing canopy in front of the building

On the Pastoral Home:

  • Fixing the pastoral home
  • Installing ceiling

Besides that, as our contribution to the community in the neighborhood, we are going to build two units of public bathroom (where they can shower, wash clothes, and go to toilet).

We hope this project will go on smoothly, and God’s name will be glorified through it. Thanks to our donators for supporting this project. God bless.

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