The Start of Church Make Over (CMO) 27: GPdI Eklesia Burangkeng, 2 April 2015

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Having waited for God’s timing, finally on Thursday, 2nd April 2015, we started our 27th CMO project. This is something that the Pastor and congregation of GPdI Eklesia Burangkeng Church have been dreaming of: to have a more decent church building. The location of this church is at the outskirt of Jakarta: Burangkeng village. Together with his wife and two children, Ps. Junet P. Pardede has been faithfully serving the Lord, others, and the work of the Lord, since 1990.

They pioneered the church in 1992 with only 10 souls. Now, the number of congregation has grown to become 102 souls (Adults: 32, Teens: 20, Children: 50). Mostly they work as Street Vendors, Tire Repairman and Laborers. When Anugrah Ministries first met them, the condition of their church building was only 30% done. There was no pastoral home, so the pastor and his family used the sanctuary as their bedroom when there was no service. This has been happening since 2012, because the number of the congregation grew larger and they needed a bigger space for worship, so the pastor sacrificed his pastoral home to be renovated as part of the sanctuary.

We started the project of CMO 27 by having a short service. Then, the signing of Memo of Understanding (MOU) by the Chairman of Anugrah Pressindo Foundation, Ps. Daniel Hendrata; the Pastor of GPdI Eklesia Burangkeng, Ps. Junet P. Pardede; CMO Field Coordinator, Alders Daniel; and Project Chief, Ir. Imanuel Setyawan. Afterwards, symbolically we started the makeover outdoor, by putting pebbles on the ground as a starting point of CMO 27.

These are the things that we are going to do in 27th CMO project:

  1. Makeover the 6x18m church building, by: leveling the surrounding walls, installing ceiling and flooring, and replacing the doors and windows
  2. Add a 3x3m front porch
  3. Makeover the 8x6m, 3-bedroom pastoral home
  4. Fixing the kitchen

By God’s intervention, we hope everything will go on smoothly. Thank you to our partners who contribute in this CMO program. God will always be with you.

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