Church Make Over 6 – Sumpiuh

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One and a half years ago, after watching Good News program, someone called our head quarter and pleaded us to make over the church building where he and his family attended. GPSDI Mahanaim is located in Sumpiuh, around Banyumas, in Central Java. The church building is more than 50 years old; its condition was in a bad shape, leaking everywhere. Under the leadership of Ps. Daniel Ridwan Harinanto, they had tried to renovate the church building for the past 10 years, but had been unsuccessful to complete it.

Due to its strategic location, this church has the potential to grow in the quantity and quality of the congregation, but it has not been accomplished because of the pitiable condition of the building. Anugrah Ministries in partnership with APAC Ministries took over the project, making over not just the sanctuary, but also the pastoral home which was not liveable for the pastor, his wife, and 6 children. The results are amazing, as you can see in the following pictures. Glory to the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, amen!

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