Church Make Over 34, GPdI Dengoan, Tebedak Village, West Kalimantan

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As time passes by, Anugrah Ministries keeps advancing in doing Church MakeOver program (CMO). Now, we are at our 34th project already. That means 34 churches have been set free from their struggle in building their church facilities.

Saturday, 30th of April 2016, was a historical day for the pastor and congregation of GPdI Dengoan, Tebedak Village, Ngabang District, Landak Region, West Kalimantan Province, because on that day God answered their prayer for a better church building. Anugrah Ministries appointed GPdI Dengoan as her 34th CMO project.

This church was pioneered in 2007, only with two souls: Sunday School children. Pastor Parluhutan Siringo-ringo as the pastor of the church, and his family have been faithfully serve the Lord in this place. In 2010, they started building their church building. Up to today, the number of congregation has grown to 69 souls. Most of the congregation work as farming laborers and two-wheeler taxi drivers. With minimum income, it is hard for them to complete the church building.

On top of that, the pastoral home, which is located on the side of the church building, started to have many cracks on the walls. Fearing that their home would be collapsing, the pastor, pastor’s wife, and their two almost-teen daughters had to sleep inside the sanctuary, with some partitions. They have been struggling in prayers for years for the completion of their church building and pastoral home.

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These are the things that Anugrah Ministries will MakeOver in this CMO project:

  1. On the Church Building:
  • Replacing the Wooden Pillars with Concrete
  • Replacing the Roof and Truss that was already attacked by termites
  • Replacing the Zinc Roof with a new one (the old Zinc Roof will be used for Pastoral Home)
  • Replacing the Windows and Doors (already attacked by termites)
  • Installing Ceiling
  • Installing Ceramic Tiles on the Floor
  • Adding a Front Porch
  • Painting
  1. Building 6x10m Pastoral Home:
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Full Ceramic Tiles on Floor
  • 1 Bathroom
  1. Building 2 public Bathroom (where the local community can shower, wash, and go to toilet), each measuring 1.5x2m

We pray that God’s perfect will be done in this 34th CMO project, so we can glorify His name. Thanks to partners of Anugrah Ministries who have supported this CMO program. God bless you!

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Once we completed all the makeover process, it would be time to inaugurate a Church MakeOver (CMO) project, and hand it over to the local pastor and congregation of the respective church, through an Inauguration Ceremony. This is the Standard of Procedure for Anugrah Ministries. Hence, by the grace of God, on Friday, 20th of January 2017, we inaugurated our 34th CMO project at GPdI Karmel Dengoan, in Tebedak Village, Ngabang District, Landak Region, West Kalimantan Province, and handed it over to the local pastor and congregation through the Inauguration Ceremony of CMO 34.


It was 5 pm when we started the Inauguration Ceremony of CMO 34. All the congregation and guests had arrived and been seated accordingly. The ceremony started with a short service. Praise and worship songs were offered to the Lord Jesus for His faithfulness. All were touched by the presence of God, many eyes were teary, having witnessed a proof that what is impossible for man, is possible for God. Joy can be seen on everyone’s face, though we had to squeeze ourselves in the room, due to the many numbers of attendance.

Following the praise and worship was the Signing of Plaquette by Ps. Daniel Hendrata (Chairman of Anugrah Ministries) and Ps. Parluhutan Siringo Ringo (Pastor of GPdI Karmel Dengoan), which marked the Inauguration of CMO 34. Witnessed by all the congregation and guests, cheers and applause of thankgiving echoed throughout the church building; everyone was in awe of the amazing work of God. Then, it was time for Pastor Daniel Hendrata to deliver the Word of God. Everyone was listening attentively to the Good News. Smiles were seen on their faces, a sign that the Word of God has indeed blessed them and answered their needs.


With the completion of CMO 34th project, as seen in the attached pictures, a 120 m2 church building is standing sturdily. No more leaks, no more roof frames and truss attacked by termites, even the rotten wood pillars had been changed with concrete, so the congregation can have an ease of mind now that their church building will not be collapsing. The finishing had been completed too, with new ceiling, ceramic-tiled floor, and new doors and windows.


Besides that, we also had built a front porch attached to the church, so when it is raining, the rain will not spray into the room. We had also built a 60 m2 pastoral home, consisting of 3 bedrooms, a living room, a family room, kitchen, and a bathroom. All with ceramic tiles on the floor and neatly installed ceiling.


As our contribution to the community around Dengoan, we presented 2 units of Public Bathroom (where they can take shower, wash clothes, and go to toilet). The people who live in this area mostly do not have bathroom in their home, or washing place.


Thanks to Anugrah Ministries’ partners for the support, so we can carry out this 34th CMO project well. The support that you give helps to ensure that Anugrah Ministries will keep on moving forward, as time goes by. We give back all praise, honor, and glory only to the Lord Jesus. Amen.

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