CMO 26: GPT Petra Manganitu, North Sulawesi

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The Start of CMO 26: GPT Manganitu, North Sulawesi, 24 Feb 2015

Tuesday, 24th February 2015, was a historical day for the family of GPT Petra Manganitu, because it marks the day whereby God answered their struggle and heart’s desire to have a better church building. Since their church got chosen by Anugrah Ministries to be her 26th Church MakeOver (CMO) project, they gain new hope that their dreams will indeed come true. GPT Petra Manganitu is under the leadership of Pastor Stevanus Faehuzi Zebua, who faithfully serve the Lord and His works, together with his wife, Lanny Marlen Manabung, and their only daughter, Presy Ester Zebua.

Pastor Stevanus started his ministry in 1997 in Sangihe area. Then he pioneered the church in Manganitu since the year 2000. The church received grant in the form of land from one of their congregation, who happens to be the parents in law of Pastor Stevanus. In 2001, together with his simple church members, he started builing the church prayerfully and with whatever they have. The ministry keeps growing, and today the number of congregation is 63 souls (47 adults, 6 teens, 10 children). Most of them work as farmers, construction labors, and street vendors. Due to lack of funds, until the day they met Anugrah Ministries, their church building still had no tiles on the floor, no ceiling, neither doors nor windows. The condition of the pastoral home was also indecent. We will be fixing all that in this 26th CMO project.

The Opening Ceremony of CMO 26 started at 10 o’clock. All church members were already on the site since 8 o’clock, waiting enthusiastically for Anugrah Ministries team to come. The Village Government also showed very good response, as Head of the Village came early too, at 8.30 am. We started the Opening Ceremony with a service first, led by Alders Daniel Panebaren (CMO Field Coordinator of Anugrah Ministries). After the service, CMO 26 was symbolically started by installing tiles on the floor. Everyone who came that day felt great joy. Thanks to our sponsors who support this program so that it can be carried out well. God bless you!

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Inauguration of CMO 26: GPT Petra Manganitu, Sangihe Islands – North Sulawesi, 24 January 2016

Anugrah Ministries continue to work for the glory of God through Church MakeOver program. By God’s grace, having gone through the building process for almost a year, finally on Sunday, the 24th of January 2016, we can inaugurate our 26th CMO (Church MakeOver) project, at GPT Petra Manganitu. Located at the most north of Indonesia, to be precise in Mala Village, Manganitu District, Sangihe Region, North Sulawesi Province. It was pouring on that afternoon, but it did not diminish the enthusiasm of the people to attend the Inauguration Ceremony.

The Inauguration Ceremony started at 5 pm. The local committee presented the event in simplicity, yet merrily, bringing joy to the heart of everyone who came. Bamboo Musical Group performed the traditional music of Sangihe tribe, Masamper Group also presented Sangihe songs. Even children (Adikku Sayang candidates) sang a praise song to Jesus. Outstanding!

The presence of Mrs. Dr. Wisje Makagansa-Rompis, M.Si (Sangihe Meyer’s wife) during the inauguration of CMO 26 added more joy in the heart of GPT Petra Manganitu congregation. Manganitu Head of District, Mr. Dave Rompis, S.Pi was also present. How special! One more thing that made the congregation grateful for God’s goodness was the welcoming speech of Sangihe Meyer, Drs. H. R. Makagansa, M.Si, represented by BP4K Head of Sangihe, Ir. H. Salindeho. Though, the Meyer was not present physically, but through his speech, he congratulated GPT Petra Manganitu that will complete the strategic function and role of the church in general, in creating harmony of life. He wished that after the inauguration, the church can serve more optimally to give enlightenment and motivation to live in patriotism and nationalism. Ps. Stevanus Faehusi Zebua, on behalf of his congregation, expressed his gratitude to the Lord Jesus for everything that the church received.
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Ps. Daniel Hendrata, as the Chairman of Anugrah Pressindo Foundation, handed over the church building that had been completely renovated to the congregation of GPT Petra Manganitu, represented by Ps. Stevanus Faehusi Zebua, by signing the plaque. Afterwards, we continued the ceremony with a short service, singing praises to God. God’s presence was so real. Then, Ps. Daniel Hendrata delivered the word of God, taken from Matthew 16:18 that it was not a coincidence that the name of the church is GPT Petra. Jesus builds His church, which is His people, on Petra (the Rock), referring to Himself, so no storm would be able to shake it off. May the church be able to stand strong on true foundation to glorify the name of God. In this opportunity, Ps. Daniel Hendrata also encouraged fellow servants of God who were present to keep on serving the Lord and His work according to the calling that we have received and been reconfirmed. Those who do not serve God according to their calling will stumble and fall; it is already happening now. At the end of his sermon, Ps. Daniel Hendrata encouraged everyone in serving the Lord, to be number two, and make Jesus to be number one, as written in his newly published book, “I am Number Two”.

For the makeover that we had already done in this 26th CMO project, you may refer to the attached pictures. Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, and thanks to the partners of Anugrah Ministries who have been supporting us in our CMO program. God bless!

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