CMO 31: GPdI El-Olam, Sepangah Village, West Kalimantan

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The Start of CMO 31: GPdI El-Olam, Sepangah Village, West Kalimantan, 7 May 2015

Thursday, 7th May 201, was a blessed and historical day for GPdI El-Olam church, because that day became the day of deliverance for them; the Lord answered their struggle in completing their church building. As God’s extended hands, Anugrah Ministries appointed GPdI El-Olam church, which is located in Sepangah Village, Air Besar District, Landak Region, West Kalimantan Province, as her 31st CMO project.

Ps. Reflis Dalending, together with his wife, Tisusanti started pioneering this church at the end of 2010. Before that, they were serving the Lord in Bitung City, North Sulawesi. However, when Ps. Reflis’ mother in law passed away, his father in law asked them to go back to Sepangah Village and pioneer a church there. By faith, they made a firm decision to leave their ministry in Bitung, and headed to West Kalimantan. They started their first service only with 6 congregation, at Mr. Tisung’s home (Ps. Reflis’ father in law). By December 2010, Ps. Reflis received a letter of appointment from the Headquarter of GPdI Synode to become the pastor of the church.

Early 2011, GPdI El-Olam church was officially established as a church organization in Sepangah Village. The church grew as time went by, so in June 2012, together with his congregation, Ps. Reflis started builing their church building. After two years, they started having their service in the on-going church building (by August 2014), though it was not thoroughly completed yet.

The condition of GPdI El-Olam church building when our CMO Survey Team went there for the first time was as follows: the walls were not plastered and painted yet, there was no flooring, no front porch, no windows and doors, no pastoral home (a quarter of the sanctuary was temporarily partitioned for the pastor and his family to live in), no bathroom. The number of congregation registered 56 souls, consisting of adults and children. Most of the congregation have low income, working as farmers or farming laborers in other people’s field.

Ps. Daniel Hendrata, as the Chairman of Anugrah Pressindo Foundation, led the Starting Ceremony of CMO 31. The local pastor and every congregation of GPdI El-Olam church looked very enthusiastic in spreading the work of the Lord.

These are the things that we will makeover in CMO 31st project:

  1. Plaster and paint the surrounding walls (exterior and interior)
  2. Install ceiling
  3. Install ceramic tiles as flooring
  4. Install windows and doors of the church
  5. Build the 2-bedroom, 8x6m pastoral home
  6. Present 3 units public bathroom (where they can take shower, wash their clothes, and go to toilet) as our contribution to the community
  7. Present clean-water well for the community

We hope everything will go on smoothly, and this project can finish on time, by the grace of God. Thanks to the partners of Anugrah Ministries who support us in executing this CMO 31st project. God bless you!

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Inauguration of Church MakeOver (CMO) 31: GPdI El-Olam Sepangah, West Kalimantan, 30 April 2016

Friday, 29 April 2016, at 5.45 am, Anugrah Team departed for West Kalimantan. The journey took two hours by plane, and we arrived at Supadio Airport, in Pontianak. After that, we rode on a rented car, approaching the location of CMO 31 in Landak Region. Four hours later, we arrived in Ngabang, the capital city of Landak Region, and directly went to inspect the preparation of Inauguration Ceremony of CMO 31 at GPdI El-Olam Sepangah, which would take place on the next day.

Saturday, 30 April 2016, exactly at 5 pm, the Inauguration Ceremony started. Ps. Daniel Hendrata did the ribbon cutting, and welcomed all the congregation and invitees to enter the sanctuary together. We heard a few welcome speeches, from Local Government representative, and the Head of JPHT (An Interdenominational Network for Servants of God) who represented interdenominational fellow servants of God from Air Besar District.

Then we continued with a Revival Meeting.

Everybody who came was singing praise and worship enthusiastically. After the praise and worship session, Ps. Daniel Hendrata (Anugrah Ministries) and Ps. Reflis Dalending (Pastor of GPdI El Olam) signed the plaquette, as an indication that Anugrah Ministries has completed the CMO project at GPdI El Olam, and that we are handing the church building back to them. After that, Ps. Daniel Hendrata delivered the Word of God, taken from Romans 8:28, that God allows all things to happen to bring good for those who love Him and who are called according to His purposes.

Everyone felt glad and blessed to be a witness of the change, how the church building has become decent how, and more representative of the Kingdom of God. The family of the pastor also felt very happy, because now they have a decent pastoral home (they used to sleep at a corner of the sanctuary).

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These are the things that Anugrah Ministries has madeover in the CMO 31st project:

Renovating the Church Building, 7x14m

Installing Ceiling

Plastering and painting the surrounding walls (interior and exterior)

Installing Ceramic Tiles on the floor

Installing Doors and Windows

Adding a ceramic-tiled front porch, 2x3m


Building a Pastoral Home, 6x8m

2 Bedrooms

1 Living room

1 Bathroom

1 Kitchen

Besides the church building and pastoral home, we also presented 2 units of Public Bathroom (whereby people can shower, wash clothes, and go to toilet), and dug a clean-water well, as our contribution to the community. Whether the pastor, congregation, or the people who live in the neighborhood felt very blessed by the 31st project of CMO program. We thank the Lord for the opportunity to be His extended hand to help those who are really in need, through the CMO program. Thanks to the partners of Anugrah Ministries, this project can be carried out and completed well. Glory to God. Amen.

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