Inauguration of CMO 54 – GKII Shalom, Pangkalan Bun

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Kalimantan or Borneo is one of the 3rd largest islands in the world based on the size of the area. This time the Church Make Over (CMO) is located in Central Kalimantan, to be more exact, it is in the town of Pangkalan Bun, Pasir Panjang Village. There is a church named GKII Shalom with Ps. Yohanis Nalle as the lead pastor. Ps Nalle uses an unusual way when making discipleship to the surrounding community, which is through futsal. Many young people got attracted and finally involved in the church because of this sports program; and the church members are coming from modest backgrounds; mostly work as teachers and farmers.

The condition of the church building and the pastoral home was in serious damaged when the Anugrah Ministries team came to conduct the survey, so we decided to divide the construction into 4 stages. Due to the lack of funding, the construction process took a very long time and even stopped, they fully relied on God’s help to repair the church building.

Finally on Wednesday, November 7th 2018, the seven years waiting was over, the process of work began. For the 19x7m church space, we remodeled the roof and the frame because it was very damaged and irregular, we reinstalled ceilings, door frames, windows, wall repairs, interior as well as the floors and ceramic tiles. A size of 9x6m square pastoral room was demolished too including the ceiling and tile floors.

Right at the Christmas time, on December 25th 2018, the renewed building of GKII Shalom was inaugurated, joyful faces can be seen from the entire church who attended the service. They have witnessed that nothing is impossible for the Lord Jesus. Ps. Daniel Hendrata shared the word of the birth of Christ which brings hope to those who believe in Him. Thanks to the sponsors who have manifested God’s love for the congregation in this place, may God’s blessings be abundant in our lives. Jesus bless you.

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