Blessing the Nation: The Netherlands (27 April – 10 May 2017)

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The only continent that Pastor Daniel Hendrata and Pastor Debby Catharina have never gone to was Europe. By the grace of God, recently both pastors had a wonderful opportunity to not only visit Europe, but also minister in some churches there. Arriving in Amsterdam on the 27th of April 2017 morning, it was supposed to be spring, but the weather that morning measured 2o C. Pastor Victor Faraknimella from Fullgospel Mission Church (FMC) warmly welcomed both pastors, and even personally picked them up from the airport.


The day that Pastor Daniel and Pastor Debby arrived turned out to be King’s Day (King Willem’s birthday). A great festival was happening throughout the Netherlands as the people celebrated the King’s birthday. People gathered on the street wearing orange; there was music, food, and bazaar. Together with Pastor Victor, his family, and some of his congregation, Pastor Daniel and Pastor Debby had a great time at the festival.


On the 29th of April 2017, the ministry schedule started. Pastor Daniel and Pastor Debby were giving out Family Seminar at FMC, Delft. They both spoke in Bahasa Indonesia, and interpreted into the Dutch language. Quite a number of husband-wife couples turned up. The congregation felt so blessed and equipped on how to guard their family. Here are some of their comments:

“This Seminar is very inspiring. Something we already know, something we don’t know yet. They brought it in a very strong way. What I liked is they showed male perspective but also female perspective. I think it makes it very strong and complete version, which is useful for us. It is very practical. The everyday examples they gave are recognizable with everyday life. That makes it easy to practice. Especially for Dutch society because Dutch is very free. Marriage is not common here; they think it’s just a piece of paper. So, it is really important to stress out the importance to build a family, based on a good foundation.”
Koos and Sylvia Janssen


“Even though I am already 77 years old, I could still learn a lot from the seminar, because the way they brought is very interesting, particularly at the part of how to build relationship with our spouse. I learned a lot at the finance and intimacy part. Though we live in Holland, a free country, but for some women like me talking about sex is something taboo, but this seminar has opened up our mind so we could receive new revelation.”
Karel and Bianca Portier


“This is amazing. This is good that people can talk about everything in life. During the seminar, we were so happy that the talk included sex. That’s really good. I think this topic is okay to speak about now, years ago it was a big taboo. And now as people are becoming more open, it will help the teenagers to understand what they can or cannot do. So, this is better when we can give them lesson about it.”
Reginald and Lous (48 years of marriage)


“We just met Pastor Daniel and Pastor Debby, but it feels like we have known them for a long time. We connect very well. It’s true that we should not judge people from their outward appearance. Both of them are small built, but when they started sharing their content, it’s like dynamite. Also, they have great vocabulary; our interpreters were struggling trying to find the right words.”
Pastor Victor and Vivie Faraknimella


The next day, on Sunday, 30th of April 2017, in the morning Pastor Daniel had a split schedule with Pastor Debby. Pastor Daniel was ministering at FMC Amstlvn, while Pastor Debby at FMC Amersfoort. In the afternoon, they regrouped to minister together at FMC Delft. There are about 15 nationalities that congregate at this church. It was a great opportunity for both of our pastors to speak to and bless the nations.


Then on 6th of May 2017, both pastors were ministering at Gemeente Gods Genade, in Rotterdam. This fellowship is under the leadership of Pastor Nico Aarnoudse and his wife, Josta (they are the representative of Morris Cerullo Ministries in the Netherlands). Pastor Daniel was preaching about “The Father’s Heart” in English and interpreted into Dutch. After the sermon, he gave an altar call. Many came forward to be prayed for.

The next day, on Sunday, 7th of May 2017, they were both ministering at De Banier, at Almelo. “Your job or occupation should not determine your identity. Your identity as the children of God, nothing should ever change that,” said Pastor Daniel Hendrata in his preaching. He preached in Bahasa Indonesia, interpreted into Dutch by Pastor Henk Karelse (an elder gentleman, the founder of the church, who lived in Indonesia as missionary in the year of 1972-1983). It was such an honor for Pastor Daniel to preach side by side with him.

Furthermore, it was an honor to be able to bring the Good News back to the Netherlands. Around 4 centuries ago, the Dutch was one among the earliest to bring the Good News to Indonesia. Christianity has been developing rapidly since and revivals have been taking place in Indonesia. Pastor Daniel and Pastor Debby were glad to share about it to the churches there as praise report. It was altogether wonderful.


During their stay in the Netherlands, Pastor Daniel and Pastor Debby were blessed to be able to see the tulip festival at Keukenhof. They had seen tulips before in Canada, USA, and Australia, but they were nothing compared to the ones in Holland. They were also blessed to be able to visit some other places: Paris in France, Antwerpen in Belgium, and Emmerich in Germany. Seen many beautiful scenery, made meaningful new friendship, and witnessed the goodness of the Lord along the way. Praise the Lord!


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