Blessing the Nation: Malaysia – Kuching, Sarawak, 14 – 16 July 2017

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On 14 – 16 July 2017, Pastor Daniel Hendrata and Pastor Debby Catharina were invited to minister in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. During their stay in Malaysia this time, Tabuan Jaya Anglican Church (TJAC) was hosting them.

In the evening of their arrival date, they were ministering at FGBMFI Kuching. Pastor Daniel was preaching and giving direction to the business people in Kuching. Praise the Lord for the new connection being established.

The next morning, on 15 July 2017, both Pastor Daniel and Pastor Debby joined the Pastoral Team of TJAC to do some pastoral care, visiting the less fortunate families among their congregation, speaking words of encouragement and prayed for them. Then, they continued with prayer drive around the city of Kuching.


In the night, Pastor Daniel was preaching at the Revival Meeting of TJAC, while Pastor Debby giving her testimony and singing a song of praise. God was moving to touch the hearts of his people, when the altar call was given, many came forward to give or rededicate their lives to Jesus. Praise the Lord!


On Sunday, 16 July 2017, Pastor Daniel was preaching at the main service of TJAC about Fruitful Living. Pastor Debby also got a chance to sing in the main service, before she continued to share the word of God in the Bahasa Melayu Service. Indeed, everyone was blessed by the services!


In the afternoon, both pastors proceeded to minister at Agape Chapel, Kampung Merakai (about 2-hour drive from Kuching). The Chapel located in the middle of palm tree plantation. Since the congregation consisted mostly of the Ibans (Sea Dayak people of Sarawak, Malaysia) and a number of Indonesians who work in the plantation, the service was done in Bahasa Melayu. It was amazing to see the hunger of the people for God’s word, young and old alike. After the sermon, both pastors together with the elders of the church laid hands on the sick and released healing in the name of Jesus.


This trip was an amazing trip, especially because it’s the first time Pastor Daniel and Pastor Debby came to the Eastern side of Malaysia. Praise the Lord for new friendship being developed. All glory to God for all the works that had been done there. We believe it was edifying and equipping the saints in Kuching. God bless Sarawak, Malaysia!

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