Tanjung Pinang Ministry, 14-16 October 2016

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Praise the Lord for the new opportunity that God has given Pastor Daniel Hendrata, and Pastor Debby Catharina to serve in Tanjung Pinang, Riau islands. More than twenty churches united in a forum named FKAG, and on October 14, 2016, they held a City Revival Meeting to celebrate the twentieth birthday of FKAG. Located in Upper Room Restaurant Vegetarian Bumi Mantiri, more than 1,000 souls attended the Revival Meeting. Kiki Egetan (winner of Idola Cilik) enlivened the revival meeting that night by presenting a few songs. Mr. Martin (Kiki’s father) also shared an incredible testimony of how God saved him from death. Pastor Daniel Hendrata and Pastor Debby Catharina, as speakers, brought the Word of God themed “Miracles are Real”. The response of all that attended was very positive. We could feel the presence of God from the start to the end of the event, proven by the number of people that lingered; they did not want to leave, even after the service has ended.

The next day, on October 15, 2016, still in a series of the FKAG’s 20th birthday celebration, Pastor Daniel Hendrata and Pastor Debby Catharina ministered in a family seminar: Guard Your Family. Located at the Nelayan Restaurant, Sei Jang, more than 50 husband-wife couples attended the seminar, mostly consisting of church leaders. The sessions went full of joy. There were also some occasions whereby we could see tears being shed in the seminar. Pastor Daniel and Debby shared many lessons, as they explained about protecting our family in the end times. The question and answer session was so exciting, that the time had to be extended by the requests of the committee. Afterwards, Pastor Daniel and Debby took the opportunity to sign Guard Your Family and I am Number Two books, and also Your Faithfulness CDs. They also took the time to do picture taking.

On Sunday, October 16, 2016, Pastor Daniel and Debby ministered in several churches in Tanjung Pinang. The first service in GBI Tabgha Tanjung Pinang was a Mandarin Service, so Pastor Daniel’s sermon about What’s Behind the Mandarin Characters had to be translated by a translator to Mandarin. On the second service, Pastor Daniel preached about Family, because coincidentally in the same service, a couple was about to have their holy matrimony (Frans and Fang Fang). At the same time, Pastor Debby was serving in GSJA CWS, which majority of the congregation are viewers of Good News program. In the evening, while Pastor Debby served in the third service of GBI Tabgha Tanjung Pinang, Pastor Daniel served in GBI Tabgha in Tanjung Uban. After the service, Pastor Debby went to the wedding party of Frans and Fang Fang.

It was very fun to serve in Tanjung Pinang and build friendship with new friends. Tanjung Pinang is known for its beautiful beaches. News about its beauty is spread to overseas, especially our neighboring countries, like Singapore and Malaysia. After the series of preaching engagements, Pastor Daniel and Debby had the chance to see the beautiful beaches of Tanjung Pinang, before returning to Jakarta. Praise the Lord! Our prayer for Tanjung Pinang that God will use them more mightily to win souls into the kingdom of God. Amen.

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