The Start of CMO 48: GBI Indunsuri, Tj Uban

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Bintan is an island in Kepulauan Riau province. It is an exotic island, well known among the Singaporeans as tropical golf resort. Yet, where there is abundance, as we know it, there will be an area that is lacking as well. This not-so-well-developed area is called Indunsuri, in Tanjung Uban.

We got to know this church based on a recommendation of a servant of God from a GBI church in Tanjung Pinang city. To start this 48th CMO project, Ps. Daniel Hendrata had to first travel from Jakarta to Batam. This is the case, because we are engaging a contractor team from Batam for this project.

From Batam, we had to continue our journey by speedboat with the capacity of 20 passengers, for 30 minutes. Kepulauan Riau province consists of many islands; two of the biggest are Batam and Bintan.

GBI Indunsuri is under the leadership of Ps. Markus. He pioneered this church in the year of 1990. One of the interesting things about this church is their church building looked very good, compared to the other buildings in the area. But when we looked closer inside, we found out that their roof entire is leaking, and the wood truss could collapse anytime.

Certainly this is not good for the safety of the congregation there. Fixing the roof, wood truss, and pastoral home will be our focus this time around.

What will the 48th CMO project look like when we complete the makeover? Stay tuned. We believe God’s name will be glorified there. God bless!!

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