Church Make Over 62: GPdI Nafiri Allah Nanga Pinoh, Melawi Region, West Kalimantan Province

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The Start of CMO 62:

In the middle of 2019, Church MakeOver (CMO) program has reached number 62. We believe what we do through this program is not merely building a worship place that is almost in ruin, but we desire that the servants of God who are tirelessly serving the Lord in the mission field could experience the grace of God first hand, so they will persevere in hoping that what they do will bring harvest of souls.

In this CMO 62nd project, we were back to do makeover in a church located at West Kalimantan. GPdI Nafiri Allah, in Nanga Pinoh to be exact, is under the leadership of Ps. David Pakpahan dan his wife Ps. Theresia Sri Ati. Since 2005, they have been pioneering and evangelizing there, and their congregation grew. Though from outside it looked like they had a nice church building, inside it’s almost torn down and the condition of the building was quite worrying.

Everything that God does is good, especially when we surrender and believe. Their wait was over. On the 6th of May 2019, by the grace of God, Anugrah Ministries appointed GPdI Nafiri Allah as CMO 62nd project.

These are the things we will be doing in this CMO 62:
– Making Concrete Foundation, Pillars and Beams
– Installing Bricks and plastering the Walls
– Installing Ceiling and Light Steel Roofing
– Making Concrete Floor and installing Ceramic Tiles
– Installing Electricity
– Painting and Finishing the whole church building

Thanks to every Anugrah partner who synergizes with us to start this CMO project. Keep us in your prayer so we can finish this project on time and according to the will of the Father in Heaven. God bless you!

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