Church Make Over 44: Pondok Kasih Anugrah, Baturube

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Baturube is a district town, located in North Morowali Region, in Central Sulawesi Province. Compared to metropolitan city like Jakarta or Surabaya, Baturube is more like a developed village. Even then, this place plays a very important role for our ministry to reach out to the Wana community in Uetuwu and its surrounding areas.


To reach this town, we need to ride a car from Luwuk airport for 5-8 hours. When everything is smooth, no broken bridges, then we can reach our destination in 5 hours. Due to poor infrastructure, many bridges are made of wooden logs, so whenever there is a flood, it will take us up to 8 hours to reach Baturube – a long and tiring journey.

Baturube is a strategic coastal town, center of distribution for commodities to be sent out to Kolondale (Regional Town of North Morowali), five hours by Ferry or 10 hours by wooden boat. As center of distribution, Baturube is already supplied with electricity from PLN (Indonesia Electric Company), and this is the last spot to get 3G signals that allows us to communicate smoothly via Whatsapp, Facebook or email.

Therefore, we decided that it is very important for Anugrah Ministries to establish a base camp here, before departing to Uetuwu. Before PKA Baturube, our team will have to stay over at a simple inn, and there was nothing much to do there. Once the decision was made that we would start PKA Baturube, we started to see many opportunities to grow the ministry in this area.


First of all, after our Elementary School students graduate grade 6 in Uetuwu, they will have to move to another area, because we do not have a Middle School yet. Thus disabling us from further educating and training them. It will be so much more beneficial if they continue Middle School in Baturube, then we will still be able to train them, when we have a basecamp there. Teenage hood is a critical moment in children’s life. This is the moment where they try to find their identity, making it a golden moment to prepare them to find their identity well.


Secondly, we are planning to make tuition and art center at PKA Baturube. This is how we can be a blessing for the children in that area, regardless of their financial status. This is how we will keep interacting and positively impacting, and even become more active in directing the young generation in Baturube.


Thirdly, with the base camp, this place will be a good resting place for our PKA team in Uetuwu. As you all know, Uetuwu is a remote sub village that is located on top of a mountain. Over there, there is not much that they can do, except teaching and training the Wana children, as what we have been doing since 2012.

Thanks to our sponsors who have been giving continuous support to our ministry, so this 44th Church MakeOver project can be carried out smoothly. At the moment, the renovation process is taking place, until approximately end of July 2017. May the Lord Jesus bless every seed that you have sown through us. Amen.

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