Church Make Over 37: GPdI Siloam Lauri, Sogaeadu Village, Nias, North Sumatra

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Towards the end of 2016, before the year changed from the old to the new, Anugrah Ministries kept on moving to help others in need. Among those we helped were the ones struggling to complete their church building. Therefore, before the year ended, we executed to start our 37th Church MakeOver (CMO) project. GPdI Siloam Lauri, located in Sogaeadu Village, in Nias, North Sumatra, was appointed to be our 37th CMO project.



In this simple church, most of the congregation are traditional farmers with low economic background. Even so, they dream of having a decent church building, in which they can worship well together. Ps. Juliaman Gea and his wife, Yaspintar Gea kept working with all the congregation of GPdI Siloam to achieve that drea. In 2013, they started to build their 8x15m sanctuary, with all that they had. Yet due to their financial limitation, they had to put the building process in a halt. They did not give up though, they continued praying and hoping, until God opened up the way for them to be able to meet Anugrah Ministries through Church MakeOver program.


That Saturday, 19th of November 2016, became a very special and unforgettable day for the pastor and congregation of GPdI Siloam Lauri because their dream of having a decent church building would soon come into reality as we started the project of CMO 37. We started the project by having a short service, whereby every one who attended it felt so touched by the grace of God. Alders Daniel Panebaren, Anugrah Ministries Field Coordinator, shared the word of God taken from Hagai chapter 2, reminding all the congregation that more important than a physical church building, our lives, which are referring to the real church, need to be in accordance with the righteousness of Christ Jesus. All the congregation were very enthusiastic and open to receiving the Word of God that strengthened their faith.


The start of 37th CMO project was executed by simbolically putting ceramic tiles on the floor and plaster on the church wall.


The things we will do in this CMO 37 are as follows:

  1. Plastering all the surrounding walls of the church building
  2. Installing ceiling on the church building
  3. Installing ceramic tiles on the floor of the church building
  4. Installing doors and windows of the church building
  5. Renovating the pastoral home
  6. Presenting a public bathroom (whereby people can shower, wash clothes, and go to toilet) for the community
  7. Drilling a well to provide clean water for the community

Thank you for the trust given to us by partners of Anugrah Ministries. Support and pray for us so we can carry out the 37th project of CMO smoothly, for the glory of God’s name.

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