CMO – 17 GSPDI Mangga Ubi

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Do you still remember our first Church MakeOver? GSPDI Mangga Ubi , which we have MadeOver in 2008. In the beginning of 2013, the second floor balcony suddenly collapsed because of termites. Without much consideration, we decided to renovate that balcony. The pastor, Ps. Parulian Butar-Butar suggested us not to only renovate the balcony, but to make extension in the form of awning towards the front road. This will ensure the congregation not to be soaked when raining, as they enter the church building. Besides that, during special service, such as Christmas, when the number of congregation overflows, then more chairs can be added outside, under the awning. That is exactly what we are doing in this 17th CMO.

This church has been growing well since the MakeOver. Ps. Parulian even received many promotions from God since the first MakeOver. Praise the Lord, may the name of Jesus be more glorified!

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