The Inauguration of CMO 44 : Rumah Belajar Anugrah, Baturube, 10th October 2017

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Having done the renovation for six months, on the 10th of October 2017 we inaugurated Rumah Belajar Anugrah (formerly called Pondok Kasih Anugrah Baturube). The 44th project of CMO this time is Community MakeOver.

The inauguration ceremony was divided in two sessions. The first session was a Revival Meeting, attended by the Christian who live in and nearby the neighborhood. It happened that most of them are viewers of GoodNews program. They really looked forward to listen to the Word of God delivered by Ps. Daniel Hendrata.

After that, in the second session, we did the ceremonial inauguration of Rumah Belajar Anugrah. The village authorities were present during the inauguration, such as the Head of Local Precinct. Ps. Daniel Hendrata and Mr. AB Hendrata signed on the stone plaque. In both sessions, Ps. Daniel underlined the importance of education to change the future of an individual, an area, or a nation.

These are the things we did in this project: Purchasing a house that functions as Rumah Belajar in Baturube, installing ceiling, renovating the rooms to become classrooms, making the furniture, such as benches, black boards, cabinets, making additional bathrooms and bedrooms. Besides functioning as Tuition Center, RBA will also house students who have graduated from Anugrah School in Uetuwu and are continuing to Junior High School in Baturube. RBA will also serve as base camp before Anugrah team from Jakarta continue their journey up to Pondok Kasih Anugrah in Uetuwu.

Anugrah Ministries believe that given the same opportunity, anyone can have a transformed life. Though some of our students were born in the interior of Uetuwu, to an indigenous tribe, they too can have a transformed life. They can receive God’s best calling in their lives.

God speed our teachers and students. We will keep backing you up to reach your maximum God-given potential. May God’s name be glorified through you all. God bless!

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