Church MakeOver 69: GKSI Pniel Ongkol Padang Village, Sub-District Menyuke, District Landak, West Kalimantan

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The next church being renovated this time is still in the region of West Kalimantan. GKSI Jemaat Pniel Church is located in the village of Ongkol Padang, sub-district Menyuke of the district Landak in West Kalimantan.

The journey leading to the location has quite a difficult terrain. Even though there are asphalt roads from the city of Pontianak leading to the border of the village of Ongkol, beyond it still lies dirt roads. Cars cannot go through this terrain, and we were only able to use motorcycles for the remaining 5 hour journey.

We were welcomed by Pastor Sozanolo Zanara, who is the lead pastor of GSKI Jemaat Pniel church. He comes from Nisa of Northern Sumatra, and leads 30 of the congregation who are mostly farmers or workers in agriculture. After doing our survey, we found that there was urgency to renovate this church, especially for the pastoral quarters, which is why GSKI Jemaat Pniel was chosen for the 69th CMO.

These are Anugrah Ministries’ renovation deliverables in the 69th CMO:
For the Church Building:

1. Instalment of the church ceiling
2. Refurbishment of the church terrace
3. Painting of the whole church
4. Instalment of electricity

For the Pastoral Quarters:
The rebuilding of the pastoral quarters will be done with concrete, as the old structure was made of brittle wood unfit for any longer use.

We give thanks to the Lord for the commencement of the 69th CMO. Do support us in prayer so that this project will be completed. Thank you to our sponsors whose support contributes to the continuation of CMO projects till today. God bless you.

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