Church MakeOver 66 GPdI Bethlehem Saribujawa, Saribujawa Village Ujung Bondar Simalungun

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North Sumatra is one area that has quite a lot to be reached by Christianity. But there are still many churches that are lacking and underdeveloped there. It has been several times that our CMO program doing church renovation in that province.

This time we headed to GPdI Saribujawa Simalungun church. The distance traveled from Kualanamu Airport to the church takes approximately 4 hours. Thank God for the access to get to the location of the CMO is convenient, as the road is made of asphalt already. GPdI Bethlehem Saribujawa is pastored by Rev. Hotmarisi Pakpahan. The congregation reached by this church is 38 families. However, it is very difficult for them to have a proper place for church service because the majority of their occupation is farmers.

Their long awaited prayer was finally answered when Anugrah’s team came to sign the MOU on May 23, 2019. The signing of the MOU was a symbol of the start of the CMO 66 project at GPdI Bethlehem.

What God has begun will surely be finished as well. Thank you to every sponsor and partner of Anugrah Ministries who always believe that through this CMO program the impact of the Kingdom of Heaven will be further expanded. Keep believing and don’t give up! The Lord Jesus is with you.

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