CMO 47 : GPdI El Shaddai Rantelabi, Toraja

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Toraja is an area in Indonesia famous for its coffee. Located in the province of South Sulawesi. In 2016, Anugrah Ministries had a chance to help a church there through our Church MakeOver program; it was project no. 33. This time, God again gave us another opportunity to be a channel of blessing for a church named GPdI Rantelabi, Tana Toraja.

In 2016, actually those two churches fulfilled our criteria to receive help. But the CMO aid at that time went for the other church, not for GPdI Rantelabi. Humanly speaking they must have been disappointed. But glory to God, they are not a congregation that gives up easily.

In their capacity, they kept working together to fix the damages that their church building had. The worst damage was the hole in the ground (the foundation of the church building). They independently covered the hole with concrete. The church building is located on top of a hill, with a steep slope. If the hole is not filled, it could cause someone to slip and fall downward.

GPdI El Shaddai Rantelabi is under the leadership of Ps. Markus Rante and his wife. Praise the Lord, finally God’s time is here for them. The Kairos of God is always on time. This church was appointed to be our 47th CMO project, and they finally can receive God’s amazing blessing. Enthusiastically, they worked together (congregation and pastor) to help the construction workers provided by Anugrah Ministries. They managed to complete the project only in 3.5 months. Not only the male members of the church who helped in the construction, but also the female.

These are the things we did in this CMO 47th project:
• Plaster the exterior and interior walls
• Installing doors and windows of the church building
• Fixing the leaky roof and installing ceiling
• Fixing the floor and installing ceramic tiles
• Constructing porch of the church building
• Installing electricity
• Painting
• Making public bathroom (where people can shower, wash clothes, and go to toilet)

Right on 19th of December 2017, we inaugurated CMO 47 GPdI El Shaddai in a Christmas Celebratory Service. So many people felt blessed by this celebration.


The fact that this church could be completed right around Christmas time was the best gift ever for the whole congregation. They could celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ on earth in a much better way.

God is so good. Let His name be glorified, and we pray that the congregation of GPdI El Shaddai Rantelabi will keep growing and bearing much fruit for God’s glory. Thanks to our donators for the continuous support, so this project could be completed. God bless!!

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