Church MakeOver 23-GPDI Imanuel, Sungai Kopas Village, North Sumatra

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26 March 2014

Our 23rd CMO project is GPDI Imanuel church, located in Sungai Kopas Village, in North Sumatra. Our team had to take the ferry from Nias, then land public transportation for almost 12 hours. It was quite tiring, but our team went through it with joy. We met Ps. Jannus Lumbangaol who has been pastoring this church since 1999 together with his wife and three children. Now, the church have 60 members. About 60% of the congregation are working as farming laborers in rubber plantations.

28th of March 2014 marked the beginning of CMO #23. All the congregation, Tribal Leaders, and Village Chief attended the service on that day. After the service, the project was officially started by symbolically plastering the walls of the church building.

The condition of the church building (measured 8 x 15m) before the makeover was as follows: no ceiling, exterior walls are not yet plastered, some parts of the walls are cracked, and no toilet for the congregation. On top of that, the pastoral home was also needing help. In this 23rd CMO project, we will install the ceiling, finish up the exterior walls, fix the cracked wall, and build two public bathroom (where they can shower, wash clothes, and go to toilet). As for the pastoral home, we are going to install brick walls to replace the wooden planks, install the ceiling, and make it over so it will become a decent home.

Thanks to our partners who have supported us to start this project. To God be all the glory!

If you are burdened to support us doing similar projects, please contact us. There are many other churches, with indecent condition, waiting for your help. 

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Inauguration of Church MakeOver 23: GPdI Immanuel, Sungai Kopas. 21 Oct 2014

SeiKopas is a small village in North Sumatra, and about 5.5 hours drive from Kuala Namu International Airport. That morning, ourteam left home at about 4:15 am to go to CengkarengInternational airport to catch the first flight at 6am. So, after flying for two hours, driving for about 5.5 hours, then we arrived at the area. That was a glimpse of behind the scene when our team went to the field. It is such a joy to carry out the assignmentfrom God, even though many times we had to leave our family and loved ones at home.

Heavy rain was welcoming us when we arrived at the village. Again, it made us to marvel because the congregation was still coming and expecting the church to be inaugurated today. The building measurement is about 8x15m, and in this project we helped them to plaster the outer wall, put up a ceiling, make terrace and new windows, paint the wall, make toilets, and helped to complete the pastoral home. The project was completed in around six months.

At the Revival Meeting, Ps. Daniel preached from John 12:1-8 that basically there are three types of people that Jesus encountered:

  1. Lazarus: a product of miracle. Many wanted to see andhear about Jesus because of the resurrection miracle that Jesus performed when Lazarus died.
  2. Mary (Lazarus’ sister): who broke a jar of spikenard perfume to anoint Jesus, and that made the whole room filled with nice fragrance. Spikenard used to be a girl’s saving at that time, and usually it cost one-year salary. Jesus was so pleased with what Mary did and it turned out to bethe last fragrance that Jesus had prior to his burial on the following week. Some scholars said that the perfume was so strong, that it lasted evenat the burial of Jesus.
  3. Judas Iscariot: a portrait of a very selfish person, and a thief. He tried to use ministry, and manipulating result for his own benefits.

Ps. Daniel emphasized that it is very important to learn from Marry. She’s not selfish and seeking the best possible way to bless Jesus. So are the congregation of this church, He encouragedthem that after the church had been renovated, it has to be a place where people will be filled with the Word of God. This place will function not only as a filling station for many who are seeking for the truth, but also a place where many will be able to smell the fragrance of the Lord.

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